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 Zenventai *unfinished*

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PostSubject: Zenventai *unfinished*   Wed Aug 13, 2008 2:40 am

Basic Info

Race: Nymph
Look's:He has long wild like silver hair that string down his face and ends roughly at the mid section of his upper back. His eyes are as green as the colors of an ivory vine snake. His ears are pointed and branch out as that of a white tail deer and he has two silver earings in both of his ears. His skin is a pale peach and his clothers are made from the softest silk. He caries his bow on his left shoulder and his quivver on the right side of his back.


Personality:Quiet, stays out of the way, kind, helpfull, determined, dosen't get mad too often. Anytime he sees a problem he tries his best to help in anyway he can, but if there is a big croud of people he'll stay as far away as he can with out being to far as to not see or hear whats going on (usely somewere high so he can have a good view of everything and can get inside the croud without having to go through people) and mainly just watches till he feels like he should do something or just move along on his way to where ever his journey takes him.
Like's:Nature, traveling, quiet areas, friends, and people like him. He also likes peace and the goodness in others and the love of a woman he once knew as a kid.
Dislike's: Crouds, loud noises, highly populated areas, evil people, and all things dark.

Element and Nation

Town:Xaitu town

Elemental Mastery
Primary Element:Earth
Secondary Element:Wind

History & Biography


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Zenventai *unfinished*
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