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 Valioren the Thunder Lord *unfinished... but if you realllly wanna approve it, be my guest ^_^*

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Valioren II


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PostSubject: Valioren the Thunder Lord *unfinished... but if you realllly wanna approve it, be my guest ^_^*   Thu Jul 31, 2008 3:11 pm

Name: Valioren
Age: 27
Race: Spriken
Look's: He's about 6 feet 6 inches.... and has almost pure white hair. His eyes are a bright, vibrant red, just like the jewels in his earring. He wears a white coat, with many chains attached to it. He also wears fingerless gloves, with strange symbols on them.


Personality: He is Calm and relaxed most of the time.... and loves to do things his way. He usually forgets all formalities, and is a bit lazy at times. He also strictly enforces a personal policy to never judge someone until he's met them.
Like's: Storms... People, freedom, and relaxation.
Dislike's: Rules

Element and Nation

Nation: Thunder
Town: Thunder Nation Castle/Fortress

Elemental Mastery *anthros get 1 elemental ability*
Primary Element:- Thunder
Secondary Element:- Light

History & Biography

History: Valioren was born into a wealthy family in the thunder nation, his mother from the thunder nation, his father from the Light nation. He was raised in a sheltered environment, oblivious in every way to the suffering beyond the walls of his luminescent home. the only thing he was told is that the villagers would always come and look at his house, for the fact that it was one of the few places whose beauty was unaffected by the ever raging storms. One day, as his father left for the castle, (their family had close ties with the royalty) Valioren ran through the door. What awaited him outside fascinated him... the clouds, tossed violently by some unseen force, and the rain, bringing life to the measly farms, and especially the thunder.... oh how it captured him, the roar of power, the brotherhood it shared with the fearsome lightning, you could say it enchanted him. (I forgot to mention that his house was charmed to block out the obtrusions of the lightning and thunder) He ran far from home, his surprisingly agile legs carrying him far. He was ecstatic, and the villagers were to busy with their business to notice him. He looked at all the buildings and shacks, and silently ooed and ahhed. He was in love with this nation more than he could possibly imagine. Then, to his surprise, he was grabbed by a tall, large, rather unpleasant smelling man in a royal guard uniform. "Oi, Caldevel, what should we do wit this one? to the dungeons wif him eh?" the other guard Silently nodded, and the two began walking with V in their hands, towards the dungeon. Down many, dark, narrow, and wet passages... eery corridors....winding staircases... and even a labyrinth, they arrived at Valioren's new home. A small, dark, mossy cell with Iron bars and a torch for light. "Here ye are kid, dis is yor new 'ome. enjoy it, and by da way, your gonna haveta find fuel for that fire yourself." the two guards walked off laughing, leaving poor v alone in the cell. V was too shocked to speak, and now that he was alone, he calmed pretty quickly. "Well.... then I guess I should gather fuel. too bad I won't be able to return it to the fire." he said, as he kicked the rusty bars away. He began wandering around the labyrinth, knowing he was lost from the minute he started. As he was wandering unknowingly deeper into the maze, he came across an opening that was quite different than all the others. It was an arch-like door, over grown with vines. there were very intricate and masterful markings crafted into the stone, and the patterns were illuminated by a variety of different colored lights. Before he could react, the arch began to spin and a vortex of sorta opened within the archway. Arms made of lightning grabbed Valioren, and pulled him in. He was spun through who knows where, most likely another dimension. and suddenly he was thrown with excessive force into a crystalline path. He groaned in pain as he got up, and immediately had to sit down. He looked around, and found that he was surrounded by More archways like before, except these had some... 'minor' differences. One of the portals was completely engulfed in flame. Another had water running through intricate canals, and there was one that seemed to be a tree, another had a breeze going past it at all times, but the breeze carried nowhere else. There was one that was shooting random bolts of electricity, and another clouded in dark gray clouds, ever shifting. The next two showed a perfect balance, for the one on the right was crafted of a midnight black stone, and inside the archway it was pure, horror inducing darkness, while the one on the left was whiter than snow, and shone with the glorious radiance of hope and all other good things of that sort. "Ughhh.... my head" he said, rubbing his head as he was finally able to stand. "Well....guess there's nothing to do cept go through one of the portals... or down this path. this very, very shiny and expensive path." He looked at all the portals, and the path, and began his game of eeny meeny miney mo. He finally landed on the portal that looked like a tree. as he walked in, he was enveloped in a green light, and once more slammed excessively hard on a stone floor. He was in a dungeon again, but not the thunder nation one. This place had a more.... earthy feel to it. "Guess I'm in the earth nation." he said, quickly realizing he should get out of the hall before he's caught again by the guards. He ran towards a door, and opened with much struggle, to find himself in the servants quarters. To no one's surprise, a servant came by and asked who Valioren was. "I am Valioren, Nephew to King Zachariel of the Thunder Nation." The servant just gave him a blank stare and said, "Who? the king of the Thunder Nation is named Nuriel." This, of course, shocked Valioren. King Nuriel had been dead for 500 years, so being told he was the current king was of course, odd. "Really? please tell me, what year is this?" He asked the servant, and as if fate was out to get him, the servant told him the year... which was in fact, 500 years ago. "King Nuriel is here, if you wish to try and catch a glimpse of him." Valioren nodded his thanks as he left quietly, to avoid the guards. He wandered te halls, and came to a dark area shrouded by curtains. On the other side of the curtain, he could hear much rejoicing, and the sound of one man reigning above all others. "And let us please hold off on the festivities until my dear friend, Nuriel arrives? It wold be much appreciated." There was a response of about 100 unanimous "Yes, my lord"s. Val then felt a hand on his shoulder, and he turned to see a cloaked man with a very sharp looking knife. It was also dripping some green liquid, most likely poison. "Shhh... it'll all be over quickly. then I will rule both nations, Like I should be already. you won't make a sound will you? good boy." the man said a in a low, raspy whisper. "you mean... your going....to kill the king?"
"Yes, Gabriel has lived far too long."
"oh...welll... I'll just stay over here." Valioren sad, knowing he would not be able to avoid that dagger. The man lept through the curtain, and then val ran just to the point where he could see through a hole in the curtain. The man had King Gabriel of the Earth Nation in his hands and was rambling on about some old rivalry. Valioren sighed and let loose his spell, a thing of his own creation. At very rapid speeds, the cloaked man was engulfed in crackling silver clouds. There was a blinding light, and the clouds disappeared leaving the cloaked man lifeless on the floor. King Gabriel knelt down and removed the hood. "Well, my loyal subjects, Nuriel has arrived... and departed." There was loud gasp from the croud, and one man pointed at val, since the hole in the curtain was quite large now, and yelled "Him! he killed Nuriel! get him!" and of course, many large and angry men rushed at Val, who was too stricken to move, for he had just killed a man. The mob was met with large crystalline spikes, and the king held out his hand to stop them from approaching. "My friends, I am aware of the crime that was comitted, but you must understand, a king was going to die today, and it just happened that this boy saved me from being that king. Nuriel was going to kill me, but instead, I was saved. Let me deal with the boy." Gabriel said as he grabbed Val and disappeared into the ground. Val was sat in a chair, and Gabriel in another. "My dear boy, please enlighten me as to who you are." Valioren answered dazedly, "I am.... Valioren.... Nephew to King Zachariel...of the Thunder Nation...." King Gabriel surprisingly did not react, but asked another question. "Valioren, my friend, have you ever been on a path made of pure crystal? Not like the Wind nation, oh no, much more grand and majestic." Valioren just sat there and nodded. "Then you are the boy from prophecy." That one little thing shook Valioren awake. "Prophecy, what prophecy?" Gabriel laughed and said, "Of course you wouldn't know, no doubt your uncle hasn't told you. As you know, there are many prophecies in this world, but there are only a few considered important enough by the Lords of the Nations to be held fom the public. In your case, the prophecy foretells that there will be a boy who will find the Ancient Nation, and through the workings there, he will perform a very important action. beyond that, there is little you need to know. Now the reason it's so important is the fact that it involves the Ancient Nation, lost nearly 2000 years ago. That land s supposed to be filled with magic and power, and we know it's real. but the things there, they have a tendency to be of the sort of magic and power that would drive anyone insane. So as you can see, we don't want people running to find it. " Gabriel said as he got up. Valioren got up as well, and said, "You know, that still doesn't sound as important as you regard it." Gabriel only smiled and winked, as he disappeared into the ground again. The world around Val began to spin rapidly, and changed from the dark rocky, poorly lit room, to a field with a crystalline path, like the one he'd seen before. He was once more sitting in the circle of portals, but now the Tree like one had large, horrific chains around it, with a skull shaped padlock. He approached it, and a deep, dead voice announced "Only by the offering of another may you enter here once more." And since val was alone, and didn't know that meant he'd have to kill an earth nymph to go back, he turned his sights to the next portal. The flaming one. "Hmmm... guess its worth a shot." As he walked towards the flame, he began to burn. He felt no pain, yet his entire body was burning. as he burned, a glowing green symbol appeared on his back. It was a large circle, with a tree inside it. He then found himself standing in the grand hall of the Fire NAtion Palace. HE thought to himself, "Oh great... another fun place." He was immediately confronted by the royal palace guard. "Halt! who goes there!?" they asked, almost robotically. "I am Valioren, Nephew to King Zachariel of the Thunder Nation." he said, crossing his fingers hoping it was closer to the right year this time. "Well... guess we can't arrest you then. Our bad, your lowness." THere was some snickering from within the guard, and Val rolled his eyes and asked, "May I humbly inquire for an audience with good king henry?" The guards nodded, and escorted him to the throneroom. "Your royal Majesty, good king henry, this boy, Valioren, Nephew to Zachariel of the Thunder, would respectfully wish to have an audience with you! may he?" King Henry turned away from his wife, and Val was able to catch a glimpse of a baby in the queen's arms., then he quickly returned to bowing. "Rise, Valioren. What do you wish to ask me?" Valioren shot up into the most respectible position he could, and asked, "My lord, have you ever heard of a crystal path outside of the wind nation?" King Henry quickly dismissed his initial look of shock, and motioned for his guards to leave. He then turned back to the queen, and said, "My dear, why don't you take cinka and go for a walk in the town? I'm sure no harm will come to either of you." She smiled, and then headed towards the doors to town. As she passed, Val bowed to her once more, for the feeling in his gut that something bad was going to happen had overcome him. "Now, Valioren, why do yo bring up the ancient nation in my presence, and even more importantly, how do you know of it?" Val snapped his attention back to the king, and answered quickly, "King Gabriel of the Earth Nation told me, your majesty." King henry said, "That old man needs to stop running his mouth."
"No, my lord, King Gabriel the First."
King Henry looked alarmed and sat down in his throne. "Well that does make much more sense now. So, prophecy boy, what do you need?" Val looked up at the king, and stared. "That's just it, I don't know. I don't know what it is I'm supposed to do, or anything more really. I was hoping you could explain." King Henry sighed and replied, "My boy, I know not of what you are supposed to do. I only know your the one who's going to do it... whatever it is. Well, in that case, I must ask you to leave. I have matters at hand." Val nodded, and headed towards the town. As he opened the main hall doors, the world began to disappear once more. At the very last second, Val did feel a presence of great evil arrive in the fire nation.
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Valioren II


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PostSubject: Re: Valioren the Thunder Lord *unfinished... but if you realllly wanna approve it, be my guest ^_^*   Fri Aug 01, 2008 9:57 pm

History Cont. :

And to no surprise, he was back in the circle of portals, only this time both the tree and fire portals had the hellish chains and skull padlock. As Val suspected, he would need the offering of another to enter the fire nation portal again. "Well...this time, I think I'll take wind." He said, for now he had guessed that whatever encompassed the portal was the element of the nation it led to. He walked towards the breezy portal, and was swallowed by what seemed to be a horizontal twister. He quickly found himself falling towards Jeweled Gust town, and so he spread his silver-gray wings to soften the landing. He gracefully put his feet upon the streets, and looked around. "Hmmm... This is different, the last two times I landed in the castle of the nation. Wonder why it's different this time..." He lost his train of thought when he saw a woman crouching in the streets trying to pick up some fruit from a vender's cart. The owner of the cart seemed to be in a rather poor mood, for he was yelling pretty loudly at the poor woman. He rushed over, and picked most of the fruit up. "You stupid woman! look what you did! I hope you can pay for it all! " the man yelled as the woman got up and hung her head, whilst nodding. Val then interrupted, putting the fruit back, "Now what seems to be the problem?" The man turned his beady eyes to Valioren and began yelling to him too. "she knocked all my good fruit into the streets! and of course, like always, she cannot pay for it."
"Hmmm... Well that would be a problem, but unless I misjudge, half your fruit is way beyond the point where it's ripe, and the rest isn't close to becoming ripe. So, I think you should be the one paying her to eat your poor produce."
Of course the man became enraged and tried to grab V, but Val was easily able to avoid the man. The owner of the cart went flying face first into the fruit, and the cart too. He got up, face full of fruit pulp, only to find both the woman and Valioren gone. The two were running down the street, and val told her to run faster, and when she didn't he turned to see why. "Oh... your pregnant, I'm sorry I didn't notice earlier." She nodded, and motioned to her mouth and then moved her hand across her throat. "Your mute too?" Again she nodded, and then Valioren said, "That must be hard... here, I'll help." He casted a quick spell and she was floating on a silver cloud. She gave him quick directions along the way, apparently to her house. Once the arrived, she opened the door and welcomed him home. Since they were the only two in the building, but there were obvious traces of a male being here recently, he guessed the father wasn't home. "So, whats your name?" She looked around nervously, and then spoke. "My name is Jasper. Sorry for telling you I was mute, but the villagers mustn't know I can speak." Val looked a bit confused and said, "Oookay... Why, may I ask, can they not know?"
"Because if they did, they'd know who I am. I ran from the palace many, many years ago, and luckily I look much different now. But my voice hasn't changed since, and I cannot take the chance of them knowing. I just don't want to live in the palace.... but my father, there was no choice. He decides it all. and no, before you ask, I am not in the direct royal family. the only two who know who I am are you and My husband, but he doesn't care. I can tell you aren't from this nation, even though your wings are that of wind nation nobility...a little too dark. What's your name, and where are you from?"
"I am Valioren from the Thunder Nation, and that's why my wings are like this. This darkened silver touch is a sign of Thunder Nation Nobility, the Silver Clouds is what we call the color. I am the nephew of..." Valioren paused for a moment, and decided to go with his grand uncle. ".... Raquia, Lord of the Thunder Nation." He said hoping he'd get the right time this time. "You know Zachariel just took the throne right?" She said, a suspicious look on her face. "Oh really? That's good, I'll have to congratulate my cousin when I return home. I have been away from home for quite some time you see." She nodded, the suspicion draining away, to Valioren's relief. "So... Jasper, do you have a name for your baby yet?" Jasper nodded her head no, and Val looked down with a determined look. "I got it! how about Kinsey?" Jasper smiled and stood up. "It's perfect, thank you!" Valioren smiled as he got up and headed toward the door. "Well I bid you farewell miss Jasper, and baby kinsey. I have something to do, and it needs doing." As he said this, the world around him began to be blown away by some ferocious wind, only to be replaced by the same old circle of portals, chains now encircling the wind nation portal. "I guess... I guess it's time for the Water Nation huh?" He said as he moved towards the many twisting canals that made up the water nation portal. He stepped through it, and as he predicted was in a fountain in the Water Nation Palace. "gahhhhhh! I'm soaked!" and indeed, he was soaked. He got up and walked out of the fountain, just to find himself at spearpoint. "Umm...hehe.. sorry guys, I din't mean to fall into your fountain." The soldiers glared and grabbed his arms as he was dragged to the throneroom. "Your Majesty! I present you with the boy who travels time!" the king looked down at Valioren, and inspected a picture. "Everyone other than my advisor and this boy, may leave. now." He said with a deep and commanding tone. As one would expect from loyal servants, everyone but Val, who was still kneeling, and the advisor, left.

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PostSubject: Re: Valioren the Thunder Lord *unfinished... but if you realllly wanna approve it, be my guest ^_^*   Sun Aug 03, 2008 8:41 pm

Approved......Mr. show off.


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PostSubject: Re: Valioren the Thunder Lord *unfinished... but if you realllly wanna approve it, be my guest ^_^*   

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Valioren the Thunder Lord *unfinished... but if you realllly wanna approve it, be my guest ^_^*
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