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 Negaryu *unfinished* Can be judged if desired

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Negaryu *unfinished* Can be judged if desired Empty
PostSubject: Negaryu *unfinished* Can be judged if desired   Negaryu *unfinished* Can be judged if desired I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 28, 2008 5:58 pm

Type of Weapon:
-Darkness and Water
-Close or Long Range depending on attack applied
-Negaryu is a unique weapon based on his abilites. It posseses the ability to control water and darkness (including their derivates). Negaryu can perform many skillfull attacks such as : Dark Hole Materialization, Skull Army Invocation, Dimensional Gate Control, and last but not least, Negaryu's true form summon.

The dark hole appears when negaryu is stabbed deeply on floor and Fang activates the spell, then negaryu would be sucked by floor as a huge dark hole slowly opens on the floor (Note that Fang is unaffected by his sword's effect due to the magic applied on it). When dark hole sucks the enemy, it closes around him/her decomposing their particles into nothing, eliminating them comletely.

Then comes the Skull Army; once again Fang stabbs negaryu on floor as he activates the spell via spellcricle as a huge shadow surrounds a large scale area of the field. From the shadow, skull-like warriors start to emerge as they materialize with red soulless eyes looking for only one thing...blood. There is yet another way to activate the army, and that is with Negaryu's true form summon, coming up shortly.

Following close is the Dimensional Gate Control. With this attack, Fang can appear a huge gate leading into alternative dimensions, good against god-mods. The gates can be used in two ways. Use #1: Fang stabbs Negaryu on floor as he activates the spell throught spellcircle as a huge ancient-like gate sprouts from floor. As gate opens, it would start to suck everything into a dimension of pure nothingness (note that Fang has to vanish from the sucking large-sclae area or grip to negaryu stabed on floor, or else he would be sucked in too) including the enemy, who will never be able to get out of it. Use #2: Fang can activate the gate or gates to travel throught them and dimensions, in order to formulate a diversionary strategy.

Last in line, but first in strength is Negaryu's true form summon. This might be Fang's strongest attack since he summons the legenedary black dragon Negaryu, ruler of darknes and oceans. Once agian Fang stabbs Negaryu on floor and summons it's true form throught spellcircle and chants the spell, only known to work when he chants it. slowly black smoke-like shadows start to spin around Negaryu as they quickly become a black hurricane around it. Soon after a light explodes within the hurricane as a huge black mighty dragon sprouts from the spot where once was the sword, as shadows dissipate. His mighty form can control water, and darkness. Negaryu in his true form is very powerful (If you want more information about Negaryu's summon, go to the summon tab) and can control darkness to form his skull warrior army, as told earlier on this description.

Additional to the abbilites here it is Negaryu's summon, please avoid copying, it took me long to create it:
-Negaryu’s summon:
“Wishes are desire, love is power, friendship is confidence and dreams are courage”
“Once the four together, the ultimate power is unleashed”
“As four become one, one becomes all”
“Now plead to my call, defender of hope, and ruler of the depths”
“Appear before us, king of darkness, Negaryu!”

Negaryu *unfinished* Can be judged if desired Lithianv-1-1
Negaryu is, obviously the sword being wielded in the picture
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Negaryu *unfinished* Can be judged if desired
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