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 Negaryu the Darkness Dragon *unfinished*

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Negaryu the Darkness Dragon *unfinished* Empty
PostSubject: Negaryu the Darkness Dragon *unfinished*   Negaryu the Darkness Dragon *unfinished* I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 14, 2008 12:07 am

Magic Cost:
-Negaryu in sword form and spell only known by Fang
-Darkness and Water
Summon Duration:
-As long as Fang requires
Summon Capabilities:
-Negaryu is able to control even the deepest water currents and move them as he pleases, can control tides and can easily build up a tsunami. Thats for the water part, as for the darkness part, negaryu can become a shadow as he wishes and reappear anywhere with a dark place, he can also create things out of shadows and control them under his will. Be careful, since Negaryu can appear his army from the shadows and also control his enemy's shadows against them.

-In sword form, negaryu grants Fang incredible power from the darnkess and its branches. To summon Negaryu's real form, Fang must invoke a spellcircle below him by stabbing negaryu on floor and reciting the spell, only known by Fang, some say he developed the summon on his own, and others say the summon came along negaryu when, as all say, he found it inside the Oceanic Tundra. Negaryu, as his name implies, is a dark scaled dragon, who's scales are as strong as the thickest metal, yet as light as a feather, and can stand the worst climates and temperatures. His golden eyes gives him a scary and deadly appeareance. His body allows him to swim faster than any other creature and his wings can fold in to almost dissapear.

Negaryu the Darkness Dragon *unfinished* Obsidiansyrain

-As it is known, Fang wields a huge black sword, always with him. This sword's history is pretty complex, and mostly a mistery. All that is known about it, brings even more confusion to people, but there is one thing everyone will keep getting amazed by, regardless the times they witness this event. The event referred to is, of course, the summon. Nobody knows how,when, or where did it come from, but it is certain that Negaryu is indeed impressive. There are many theories as to where does Negaryu comes from. Here are some of the best approved:

  • Most say that Negaryu, the dragon, was sealed inside the sword from and placed inside the Oceanic Tundra, to hide it from evily intempted beings and that Fang retrieved it from its place and learned the summon inscribed on the walls of the secret chamber where the sword laid.

  • As for the second theory, which is not as approved as the first one, tells that Fang already knew Negaryu and he simply sealed him inside the sword for unknown reasons. It is said as well that Fang himself could have created Negaryu, but that is the least mentioned comment over this theory.
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Negaryu the Darkness Dragon *unfinished*
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