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 Calcifer, Hound of Thunder

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Valioren II


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PostSubject: Calcifer, Hound of Thunder   Fri Aug 15, 2008 8:06 pm

Name: Calcifer

Element: Thunder

Description: Calcifer is a very large wolf-like creature, about 13 feet in length. His fur is very dark, almost dark as the starless nights under which he was born. The long fur on his back flows and curls as if it were, smoke and is similar to smoke in color, while the wispy strands on his belly resemble flames, in all shades from orange to vermilion. The red markings on his face, paws, and torso only appear when he is angered. Calcifer's eyes are deep, luminescent red, just like Valioren's.

History: One day, about 7 years ago, Valioren was wandering through the deserted areas around the Deafened River in the thunder nation. It was an especially stormy day, meaning that the storms were so bad that the cities had been put in lock down for the safety of the citizens. To Valioren, this was the perfect chance to escape his kingly duties, for he knew his adviser, Zaseriel, would rather keep the soldiers safe than have them hunt for Val. As Valioren walked along, he heard much yelling and and barking over the hill ahead of him. He calmly walked to the top of the hill, and his face lit up with joy. Two rival packs of wolves were fighting, apparently over a strange, odd looking wolf pup.He studied the situation, and jogged down the dirt hill. He walked right in amongst the fighting, and many of the wolves were distracted by eachother to notice Valioren. The poor few that did notice Val were ruthlessly cut down by Valioren's blade, Cassiel. He made his way to the Pup, who was sitting contently, watching the two Alphas mercilessly fight. Valioren was wearing an express filled with warmth as he picked up the pup and hugged it tight. "I can tell your just like me, and I find that exciting. what do you say about accompanying me back to my palace?" the pup yelped happily, and licked valioren's face. "Oh good. now to take care of this mess." Valioren said as he drew Cassiel once more and the pup's eyes glowed an intense, evil shade of red.

~5 minutes later~

Valioren and the pup walked off, as the storm began to lighten up, turning their backs on the area where the two met. All that was left were blackened corpses, and many pools of blood.


Lord of Darkened Thunder
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I'm not feelin' this situation
Run away and try to find that safe place you can hide
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PostSubject: Re: Calcifer, Hound of Thunder   Fri Aug 15, 2008 11:08 pm

Big doggy, glad it can't fight.


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Calcifer, Hound of Thunder
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