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 Cassiel, Dark Fang of the Thunder Nation

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Valioren II

Valioren II

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PostSubject: Cassiel, Dark Fang of the Thunder Nation   Sun Aug 03, 2008 6:02 pm

Weapon Format:

Type of Weapon: Sword
Class: Primary
Element: Thunder
Range: Medium
Abilities: The dark clouds that envelop Cassiel can be transformed into an exact twin of Cassiel, in case Valioren needs an extra sword. He can also make Cassiel become engulfed in a silvery gray flame
History: Valioren found this weapon in the ancient castle of the thunder nation, and took it as the skeleton guards were no match for a king. He found the sword, Cassiel, to be extremely fun to play with, and therefore keeps it with him at all times. Throughout Valioren's reign, the people have learned not to get on the king's badside, or taste the freezing bite of Cassiel. Strangely, on the battlefield, Cassiel is one of the few weapons that somehow spreads honor to it's victims. Basically, there are quite a few warriors that have been honored to fall by Cassiel.

Pictures: *look at one in signature, duh*

Lord of Darkened Thunder
"Torn apart at the seams of my dreams turn to tears
I'm not feelin' this situation
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PostSubject: Re: Cassiel, Dark Fang of the Thunder Nation   Sun Aug 03, 2008 6:40 pm



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Cassiel, Dark Fang of the Thunder Nation
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