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 Fang Kyaru, the Darkness Warrior

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PostSubject: Fang Kyaru, the Darkness Warrior   Tue Aug 12, 2008 7:53 pm

Basic Info

Name:Fang Kyaru
Age:21 or so he believes
Look's:Fang posses two forms as his race indicates..

Human Form:Short white haired and red eyes. Guarded by arm armor and sage's cape. Always wielding his sword of unknown origin with a black blade, some say it came from within the Oceanic Tundra. Is around 6.1 feet tall and thought he is not full of brawns, he posses great strenght.Believes that the symbol in his cape is somehow related to his origin

Wolf Form: Pure white fur as bright as the moon covers his body as five tails rise from his back. Do not let his crimson eyes fool you, he is a pure instinct hunter, and may sometimes lose conciousness during this form, if that ever gets to happen, you should be worried for your life. Roams with grace and a deadly pace due to his amazing speed and sharp senses. It is said his fur shines with the moon's light as his powers intensify, thought it is only during a full moon. Other than that his fur looks like a dusty white and his powers lose strenght thought they remain powerful enough to be deadly. As for his fur is long and even longer at the chest making him look lovely at first gaze, but your worst nightmare in battle. His sharped teeth and claws, and attack strategies will never let you forget why he is called "The Moon Spirit" around the nation.


Personality:Fang is calm and decisive. Kindness and mercy describe him well. He believes in a future of ruling peace, which he fights for and will do anything to protect the people he cares about. Fang is also really understanding and noble to the point he is willing to forgive his enemies even at the worst situations, and will never give up the search for his past.
Like's:Fang is not really interested in many things, thought it is known that he enjoys the company of wolves, for obvious reasons, starry nights, better if they include a full moon, peaceful areas, especially calmed open fields or lakes surrounded by forest and enjoys lending a hand to those who need it.
Dislike's:Actually, he dislikes almost nothing, except for beings who stand in his way to accomplish his mission of a peaceful sprikania, quest that will unravel his forgotten past, or so he believes.

Element and Nation

Town:Uncertain, but believes to have grown at the outskirts of the Oceanic Tundra, as he can't actually remember.

Elemental Mastery
Primary Element: Darkness and everything that relates to it.
Secondary Element:Water

History & Biography

Fang Kyaru... a name imprinted in this boy's necklace, and the only clue to his forgotten past. He has no memories farther than when he was resuced by a farmer when he was around 15 years old. His current age can be put into question, because he based it on the date in the necklace. He was found badly injured and adpoted by this old farmer. Everything was ok, until the kid's first full moon with the farmer. Years passed by, Fang learned many attributes that forged his noble personality and his determination to protect those he cared for, and discovered and mastered his control over darkness. Including the scarring event that happened a summer night when a demonic being stole the farmer's life. Before dying, the farmer gave Fang a map that was in his hand when he was rescued. The map mentioned the location of a hidden item, the farmer believed, could return Fang's memory. As Fang turned 20, he left the farmland in search for his past and to eliminate the evil creature who stole the farmer's life. During his journey, Fang learned many fighting skills from warriors he met along the way, he even developed his own moves and discovered he possed control over water. Believing that this was a clue to his past, he went on a journey to the Water Nation. As he arrived the Water Nation, he was excluded by many, as he seemed to be a low-life traveler, which in fact he was, except for the low-life part. He decided to keep away form the people, as he built a house at the outskirts of the Oceanic Tundra and was not seen until a year after. Fang appeared back in the Waterfall Cavern, now wielding a mighty sword with a black blade and grip, which was shaped as two ascending dragons. He claimed his sword's name to be Negaryu, meaning black dragon, and protected the people there from demons and evil enemies who menaced the peace of the nation. After seeing this, the royal familily summoned him to the castle, where he was named commander of the Water Nation's army. At the castle he met Lady Tirena, the beautiful Wtare Nation's princess; due to his great skills, Fang was also asked to be Lady Tirena's personal bodyguard, assuring he would keep her safe from any danger. Fang accepted, honored, but decided to remain living at the outskirts of the Oceanic Tundra, believeing that his enemies would be far from the castle and claimed that he was not yet worthy of accepting living in such luxury as that of a normal commander. Thats how things have been until now, Fang and Lady Tirena have become very good friends and enjoy time together while Fang is on duty, and Fang has always been there to protect the Water Nation and the royal family, swearing never to let an evil being corrupt the peace of this place or his quest for his long lost past.
Human Form:
Wolf Form:

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PostSubject: Re: Fang Kyaru, the Darkness Warrior   Tue Aug 12, 2008 7:56 pm

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Fang Kyaru, the Darkness Warrior
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