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 Wolf Wind (Zylo)

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Wolf Wind (Zylo) Empty
PostSubject: Wolf Wind (Zylo)   Wolf Wind (Zylo) I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 15, 2008 4:01 pm

Name: Wolf Wind
Magic Cost: 1/2 of total
Requirements: Wolf Claws
Effects: Blows a harsh wind at the target, intensity building with amount of MP used.
Lvl. 1 Intensity: Wind blows at approximately 50 MPH, causing impaired visibility to opponent for a very short time (usually just that post).
Lvl. 2 Intensity: Wind blows at approx. 70 MPH, causing impaired visibility for two posts.
Lvl. 3 Intensity: Wind blows at approx. 150 MPH, Causing debris to fly and also causing heavy blindness.
Disadvantages: The Claw used to cast this spell MUST be touching the ground, so it cannot be cast mid-air, unless the caster is facing the ground and manages to cast it before they hit the ground.
History: Zylo had this ability as his main attack while in Rune and it served him wellas such. After coming back to Sprikania, he honed and perfected the ability at three levels, though this often proved troublesome to the villagers at times since the debris often flew in random directions after the wind dissipated. This soon came back into use as a primary power attack, but at a high cost. It cost half his energy to cast it, since the magical energies of Rune no longer supported him. He didn't care, though. He had already perfected a fighting style with the Wolf Claws.
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Wolf Wind (Zylo)
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