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 Wolf Claws (Zylo's Weapon)

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Wolf Claws (Zylo's Weapon) Empty
PostSubject: Wolf Claws (Zylo's Weapon)   Wolf Claws (Zylo's Weapon) I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 15, 2008 12:18 pm

Name: The weapons themselves are nameless, but they are referred to as Wolf Claws.
Type of Weapon: Primary
Class: Handheld
Element: None
Range: Close
Abilities: Wolf Wind (doesn't grant the ability, but is required for use of the ability)
History: These Wolf Claws have been Zylo's primary weapon since he arrived in Rune all those years ago. His use for them, however, has often been unorthodox, with several beheadings occurring at the use of them. The fighting style used with the Claws is similar to that of hand-to-hand, but is also slightly different. Various high-speed punches combined with slashing movements proves effective in throwing an enemy off guard.

Pictures: The Wolf Claws are three-bladed wrist-mounted claw-type weapons that serve as the main offensive option for anyone wielding them. There are two different ways of attaching them to the wrist: by glove and by strap. By glove requires that the blades be set back a ways on the glove in order for maximum efficiency. By strap simply has the foot-long blades attached to a strap and held by the hand. By glove is easier to manage when wielding.
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Wolf Claws (Zylo's Weapon)
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