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 Zylo Amadeus Wolfsbane (It is FINIS!!!)

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PostSubject: Zylo Amadeus Wolfsbane (It is FINIS!!!)   Zylo Amadeus Wolfsbane (It is FINIS!!!) I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 05, 2008 1:55 pm

Basic Info

Name: Zylo Amadeus Wolfsbane
Age: Estimated around 100-120 years.
Race: Lycan
Look's: Zylo looks like your average gray-furred Lycan with a few exceptions. Under his snout and down his neck runs white fur, with a scar over his left eye. His attire includes a blue cape that runs to his waist, off-white shoulder guards, and a set of three-bladed Wolf Claws, which double as his weapons.


Personality: Zylo is quiet and hot tempered, though he has a heart of gold. Sometimes, if he has had too much to drink, he will be loud and obnoxious, often singing old Latin songs.
Like's: Zylo, like any other "noblewolf", appreciates the flavor of wine. His favorite is Blue Wine, which is made from a mixture of Ice Lily nectar and Blueberries. Along with wine, he also likes to test out his skills as an Energy Catalyst, often creating shockwaves through strikes to the ground. Sometimes he'll freeze entire lakes over so he has enough energy to last him a mission.
Dislike's: Murderers, people who hate Lycans, anybody who thinks they can get away from him after committing a crime.

Element and Nation

Nation: Wind
Town: None yet

Elemental Mastery
Primary Element: Wind
Secondary Element: Water

History & Biography

History: Zylo is Lycan. He has also lived for a very long time. This is only because of the long life spans of Lycans, however, and since Lycans only live to be about 150-200, he is running short on years. However, instead of his future, lets talk about his past. The exact year Zylo was born in is unknown, as nobody knows his actual age, but he claims to have born during the last Age of Peace. In other words, he's been around since before Malice and his minion Kannon arrived. Unfortunately, his memory has been "altered", and he can no longer remember what it was like before them, much to the disdain and chagrin of his peers. The reason for this, presumably, is because of his disappearance just a few years before Malice came to Sprikania. The world he was sent to was known as Rune, and for a time, he lived there, helping to build a village into a mountain. Unfortunately, he was soon poisoned, and flew into a blind rage, attacking anyone that came near him, forcing the villagers to lock him inside a cell. Thankfully a young hero came and "applied" the cure to him, allowing Zylo the chance to help the person who helped him. Help the hero he did, in many battles. After the final battle, the hero was taken to a distant land, and Zylo returned to his village home only to be abruptly returned to his original home of Sprikania. This abrupt return caused the loss of his memory, and Zylo's willingness to do everything in his power to get his memory back has been somewhat . . frightening to the villagers. Thankfully, his stories of his time in Rune please the children, so they have held off telling him their fears as of yet. Another strange occurence is his most recently-obtained ability. He is what he was not before: an Energy Catalyst. He can take energy from any organic or inorganic thing and use it to his own purposes. He has used this many times to fend off attackers in his travels. Both by stealing the attackers' energy and using it against them. Most recently, his travels have begun to get a little broader, taking him outside his home nation. Strangely, he feels drawn to the Dark Nation for some reason, although what that reason is he has no idea. He has a couple thoughts about it, but he keeps them to himself at all times. He does not wish to tell anybody about anything related to the Dark Nation, for fear of driving so much fear into their hearts they cast him out, or worse.

Pictures: Same as history.

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Zylo Amadeus Wolfsbane (It is FINIS!!!) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Zylo Amadeus Wolfsbane (It is FINIS!!!)   Zylo Amadeus Wolfsbane (It is FINIS!!!) I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 06, 2008 11:58 am

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Zylo Amadeus Wolfsbane (It is FINIS!!!)
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