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 Paladin Hierarchy

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PostSubject: Paladin Hierarchy   Paladin Hierarchy I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 12, 2008 6:33 pm

Normal Sector

Paladin (lowest rank) : These are the lowest of the soldiers, yet still quite powerful. even with their heavy bull body armor, they still can move quite fast.
Basic appearance of a regular paladin:
Paladin Hierarchy Poitain_male4
(white or black armor depending on the city)
current paladins:

Legion Paladin (second rank) : These soldiers aren't stationed around the city, instead they defend the borders or perform the brute force operations. their armor may not seem that tough, but it is extremely durable.
Paladin Hierarchy Ha

Vociferous Guard (highest rank of normal division) : Of the normal section of the Military, this is the highest obtainable rank, outside of general. They are extremely well trained, and very deadly. They are never found around the city, except in times of great emergency, or times of absolute peace. 1 or 2 of them may be found around the city, usually to replenish supplies. generally they handle international affairs with the other nations, in the place of a general or the king.
Appearance of average Vociferous Guard:
Paladin Hierarchy Ha

Special Ops. Sector

QuickStrikers: These soldiers are swift, deadly, soldiers who excel in being well... sneaky. In times of peace, they are free to do as they please, while still obeying the laws. they are also occasionally called in to find the king when he escapes from all royal duties via disappearing.
general appearance: Paladin Hierarchy Armor_by_Samurai_PET

Thunder Fangs: These soldiers are basically assassins, sent only for... assassinations. they are disguised as normal citizens during times of peace, but they retain their right to use force if provoked. most likely, provoking one will result in death, and no one will come to your aid either.
general appearance:
Paladin Hierarchy Magna_5_1024

Royal Guard Sector

Elite Guard: These soldiers are posted in the palace, and are under the exception of the generals and the king, these are the most powerful soldiers in the nation. they rarely leave the palace, as they defend it in nearly total silence and utter perfection. trying to resist them is always punishable by death. they have complete and total legal rights, and have authority over everyone except the generals and the king, and the king's adviser.
Paladin Hierarchy Samurai_bot_by_Tysho

Generals: These are the leaders of each Sector, and answer strictly to the king.

Normal Sector General: open

Special Ops. sector: open

Royal Guard sector: open

Kings Adviser: Zaseriel
Zaseriel: Paladin Hierarchy Zasalamel

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Paladin Hierarchy
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