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 Paladin Army Descriptions

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PostSubject: Paladin Army Descriptions   Paladin Army Descriptions I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 19, 2008 7:37 am

Royal Guard:

Head of the Guard - The leader of the royal guard, this Paladin is here to ensure that everything remains ordered and in practice.

Guard Commander - These Paladins are in charge of smaller troops of guards called Plenary.

Guard - These are the lower ranked units, which are grouped together in twelves to make a Plenary, lead by a Guard Commander.


General - The general of the entire army who has control over every Paladin.

Messianic - These Paladins are the leaders of regiments called a Cadre, consisting of nine Salients and the Messianic.

Snr. Salient - These are Selients who have been promoted due to excellent work. They are in charge of Regiments of thirty Paladins.

Salient - Nine of these will be grouped together to form a Cadre nder the leadership of a Messianic.

Paladin - This is a standard unit of the Paladin army, grouped into thirties to be lead by a Snr. Selient, making a regiment.

Special forces:

Tactical Paladin - These are Paladins trained specially to give tactical advise during battles and wars. A good Tactical Paladin can sway a battle.
They are trained in the Minds Academy in Paradaisu city. Each year many hoefuls sign up and each year only a few, teh very best, are selected to become Tactical Paladins.

Armadillo - Armadillo is not only the name of the unit, but also the regiment. They are highly trained groups of five who've trained together to gain the best team work in the Paladin army. They have one leader reffered to as the Alpha (fe)male and follow their orders, but that is only in a dispute. Ultimately they work together.
They are especially significant because they have armour designed specifically so that when the wearer adopts a certain position it forms a closed shape with no significant weakpoints.

Personal Guard - Mosturn, the cousin of Osen holds position of personal guard. It is an attempt to redeem his name and he is there to protect her from anything.
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Paladin Army Descriptions
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