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 Jackson Emperor of the Anicent Nation

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PostSubject: Jackson Emperor of the Anicent Nation   Thu Jul 31, 2008 8:06 pm

Basic Info

Name: Jackson
Age: 19
Race: nymph
Look's: A royal from what looks to be past centuries. He wears the regal colors of the legendary kingdom in Sprikania when he is dealing with palace life, but he is mostly in his casual clothing. His home, the Ancient Nation to the world, but for him and his love its simply Rikania. His hair is avery dark shade of dark brown and his eyes are a deep turquoise.His casual clothing consists of a loose dark indigo blue shirt and black as midnight pants. His royal clothing is more of a white satin robe with very light blue decorations on it. Along with the gold emblem.

Picture: the casusal outfit and his looks-
Just the outfit and staff-


Personality: He is calm and passionate. Hes very decisive and his people say he is fair and just. He is blessed with a loving heart and wisdom beyond his years. He listens carefully to everyone he comes in contact with and he tries to help solve their problems as best he can.
Like's: His loving wife, Sprikania in all her glory, and Peaceful hearts
Dislike's: the Desctruction Sprikania has fallen into, those few with devious hearts

Element and Nation

Nation: Ancient Nation
Town: Ancient Nation Palace

Elemental Mastery
Primary Element: Illusion
Secondary Element: Earth

History & Biography


The mists were oddly softer the morning of Jacksons' 9th birthday. The castle was alive with the preparations for his big party and his mother, Queen Alaina, was busy decorating the back yard garden for the party. Jackson walked around the castle looking around hoping to see someone even remotely close to his age but found to his dismay no one. He walked out side to the front gates and watched his father, King Parker, talk to some people from the city close to the castle. Jackson had always wanted to go there and today smiling eagerly hed do just that. He snuck past his father and ran down the path towards the city. Varenya was oddly empty for this time of day. The streets had bodies of people scattered everywhere and the smell of death was strong. Jackson closed his eyes and ran down a dark alley, where he bumped into a young girl.

Her hair was as bright as fire and her skin as soft as silk. Jacksons parents had been looking for him and when they found him facing a small girl they smiled and picked her up. Apparantly his parents knew the young girl very well. His father said that the girl, who Jackson later found out was named Ashlyn, would be staying at the castle from now on. So on his 9th birthday Jackson was given a friend.

As they grew up together in the castle Jackson noticed that he and Ashlyn had a lot of simliar likes. For starters they both loved to read. Everytime Jackson entered the library he would see her sitting in a chair with a new book in her hands. As years past Jackson found himself falling closer and closer in love with Ashlyn. By the age of 14 both Jackson and Ashlyn had fallen head over heels for eachother. Taking a calm stroll through the backyard gardens holding Ashlyns hand Jackson prepared himself to give her a special ring. Just as soon as he was about to ask her the big question the alarms went off and loud explosions of magic were heard.

Ashlyn was scared and didnt know what to do but Jackson took immediate action and ran with her to the hidden shelter just past the gardens gates. There they were safe from the surprise attack. Holding Ashlyn protectively in his arms Jackson began to do everything his parents told him to do which was lock it up, turn on the light and stay in there until his instinct told him it was safe. Ashlyn looked up at him through tear streaked eyes clinging to him as she spoke.

Wha......Whats happening Jackson? Why are we under attack? im scared...

Just before Jackson could answer her frightened voice blasts from the explosions shook the shelter. Jackson held Ashlyn close and looked around for the secret door. Smiling he found it and pulled her up and down underground to a long pitch black chamber. He closed the door and climbed down the stairs after Ashlyn and began to walk with her his arm around her shoulders protectively and lovingly. He would make sure she was safe.

As they ventured onward the explosions softened andthe darkness got darker. Aslyn huddled close to Jackson as they continued to walk. Loooking up ahead, his hand constantly touching the wall as they walked, Jackson finally saw the small strema of light he had been searching for. He quickened there pace as they got closer to yet another door. Jackson opened it and helped Ashlyn through it. Closing the door behind them Jackson explained to Ashlyn that they were no longer in the Ancient Nation *back then known as Rikania* but were in a beautiful garden far from Rikania's walls (nowadays the beautiful garden none other than the Earth Nations Xaitu Town). The garden was alive with the colors of the rainbow on the ground and the sky was vibrant with the lightest blue imaginable. Jackson told Ashlyn that here is where they were to stay until one of his parents came to get them. Ashlyn nodded and stayed near Jackson her eyes red from her tears.

Jackson took her fragile, shaking hand showed her the edible plants and berries and where the hut was so they could sleep. They stayed in this garden for five years. Upon the ending of the fifth year, Ashlyn and Jackson, both 19, were married and happy knew something was wrong. Jackson suggested going back to the nation to see why his parents had failed to return for them, Ashlyn quickly agreed.

Going back the way they had come what befell Jacksons eyes that day would haunt him for the rest of his life. His home, the whole nation, was in ruin. Dead bodies lay everywhere and among them was the body of his mother. Looking up and around Jackson spotted a few sprikens from an unfamiliar territory coming towards him and Ashlyn. He also saw a bright silver light coming from the top of the castle. Recognizing the light Jackson grabbed Ashlyns hand and ran with her to the castle and up to the top tower. At the very top Jackson saw his father lying on the ground weakly his hand shaking in the air and his eyes filled with tears as he spoke.

Thy visitors from beyond these walls, forget this place and return to realities stalls. Rikania pure and true, With my last breath your fall I undo. A new ruler and his queen, they are the only ones to remember what has been seen. I last farewell given now, my only son my crown is placed on his brow.

As soon as his words were said the entire nation changed colors matching his hand. The attackers stopped and began to return to their homes. The fallen people began to sink into the ground and the nation began to revuild itself but at a price. Everything was stopped in time. Jackson watched in painful helplessness as his father used the last of his life to protect the nation they both loved. Finally his fathers hand fell to the ground and then he two was sucked underground. As the light left the nation everything returned to normal except for the time. Jacksojn took his fathers crown in tears and placed it upon his head and looked back at Ashlyn. She also in tears walked over to him and held him close.

Jackson smiled at her and they both vowed to take care of the nation in honor of the good king and queen who gave their lives protecting the people. On that unforgettable day Jackson and Ashlyn strolled through all the towns of Rikania. They discovered that few of the people had survived the attack. Hundreds of years had passed since that horrible day and Jackson and Ashlyn along with the rest of the people didnt age at all. The spell Jacksons father had cast stopped them from dying of old age but couldnt keep them alive from sickness or murder. Jackson looks upon his nation with the same love his father had for it. Nowadays the castle and lands have all aged and appear to be forgotten and the people, small in numbers, have yet to be seen by the eyes of the outsiders.

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PostSubject: Re: Jackson Emperor of the Anicent Nation   Thu Aug 14, 2008 12:29 pm

finally finished so bump
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PostSubject: Re: Jackson Emperor of the Anicent Nation   Thu Aug 14, 2008 1:17 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Jackson Emperor of the Anicent Nation   

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Jackson Emperor of the Anicent Nation
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