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 Ashlyn :: Empress of the Ancient Nation::

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PostSubject: Ashlyn :: Empress of the Ancient Nation::   Fri Aug 01, 2008 4:20 pm

Basic Info

Name: Ashlyn
Age: 19
Race: Nymph
Look's: Ashlyn has long, wind whipped auburn hair, dipping to her hips, with very subtle hues of blond in the back. Her bangs sweep to the right side of her face, cupping her cheeks nicely and accentuating the angles of her face structure. On her head, she adorns an intricate crown twisted out of gold and black steel, with ruby insets. She also wears various earrings on her ears, those also made of gold or black metals. There is leather armor that clasps around her neck and shoulders, dipping into the shape of a "V" on her chest. On her upper arms, Ashlyn sports thick, leather bands also detailed with gold designs. She wears matching kotes on her forearms with the designs of Ancient Sprikania. Her dress is made of the lightest, yet strongest material ever crafted. It is a dark blue in color and the cloth is strung loosely across one shoulder, leaving the other bare, and ties into a delicate bow on her side. Ashlyn wears a moderately thick leather belt around her waist to compliment her figure in the dress. The hems of the matieral are made up of variously colored triangles and zig-zags. On her feet Ashlyn wears dark leather sandles that criss cross and tie up to the bottom of her knees.

Her skin is naturally fair, though to those who have seen her, she appears to be as pale as the moon. Her facial features are most usually calm and delicate. Ashlyn stands slightly tall at around five feet and seven inches. Those who get close enough are able to see that her dark brown have subtle flecks of green and gold in them.


Personality: Though only few have actually seen Ashlyn, she's got a very kind yet mysterious appearance. She has a polite and diplomatic voice and holds herself as if she were royalty. She's naturally curtious towards others and treats them with the utmost respect at first meetings. Though under her royal mask, she's quite a firecracker. Ashlyn is always curious about people and the things around her. She's not afraid to ask questions or speak what's on her mind, though she uses much discretion before saying anything. She prefers not to sugar coat anything and wants the truth with out hesitation. She's a fast paced person who likes to get things done right and smoothly. Normally, Ashlyn hates getting into verbal arguments, but when the time calls for it she's got a very biting tongue. When she's angry, her personality is completely flipped. As is so when she fights. Most people see her as the peacemaker, which she is, but when called to battle, she becomes somewhat eager and vicious. She loves the thrill and adrenaline of fighting and she takes much pride in fighting to protect Sprikania.
Like's: Learning and studying. Peace. Her home. Books. Her pet dragon. Fighting and sparing. She likes people and learning about them.
Dislike's: Disrespect and ignorance. Ego's really trip her wire, if someone thinks too highly of themselves but can't prove their worth, Ashlyn feels the need to put them in their place. People who disturb her peace or the peace in Sprikania. Any threats to her home or friends. Not being able to see and being left behind.

Element and Nation

Nation: Ancient Nation
Town: Emperor and Emperess's Castle, for the moment.

Elemental Mastery
Primary Element: Illusion
Secondary Element: Lightning

History & Biography


Ashlyn was born an only child to a young, poor couple in the Varenya Ruins. Her mother, Marah, was a beautiful dancer who performed for the royal family and their guests at the Castle. Her pay was sustainable, yet Marah refused to accept so much of it, especially since she was good friends with the Emperor and Empress. She was raised to be a very humble woman, living on the simple pleasures of life. Ashlyn's father, Grayson was the same way. A simple young man working as a blacksmith apprentice, crafting beautiful swords and weapons, yet never receiving proper credit. Though being the man he was, Grayson didn't want any. He was happy with his wife and their beautiful daughter.

Ashlyn was born with the softest red curls and was even envied by those years older than she was for her beauty, which she inherited from both of her parents. Though it was a simple beauty and grace they held. Instantly, she grew fond of books rather than the toys her parents tried to offer her. The simple trinkets never did her growing brain any satisfaction. Instead of playing with the other children, she liked spending time just outside Varenya, in the jungle watching the animals or being with her family. Ashlyn took many traits from her mother, one of which included dancing. Though she wasn't as passionate about it as her mother, Ashlyn loved to dance. Often times she'd follow her mother to the royal castle to watch her dance. She also took in many similarities from her father, one of which she picked up at the age of four. As she did with her mother, Ashlyn followed her father to work on the many days she preferred to skip her pre-classes. While Grayson was busy, Ashlyn would sneak away to the back with one of his swords and practice with them. In no time, she was caught, yet her father wasn't angry. In fact, he was proud and began to teach her skills, not only with swords, but with other weapons he crafted as well.

In just four short years, when Ashlyn was eight years old, her peaceful and happy life turned upside down. Plague had swept the land, killing off many. Including her father and mother. Devastated and not having any idea what to do with her life now that it had been taken away, she ran the streets. Like many children were left to do. At the age of nine she was picked up by the royal family as they recognized her running from the guards. They took her in and she became no longer an orphan. Ashlyn was no longer scared and slowly she began to grow happy again, knowing that it's what her parents would have wanted. Jackson, the prince, became her only friend, since he was the only person who understood her and what had happened. Slowly, over the course of nine years, Jackson's and Ashlyn's friendship grew into something much more. A love that eternally bound them together. Never did they leave each other's side. Even as the Nation fell to ruins and through all the corruption and battles that threatened to tear everything apart.



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PostSubject: Re: Ashlyn :: Empress of the Ancient Nation::   Fri Aug 01, 2008 4:59 pm

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Ashlyn :: Empress of the Ancient Nation::
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