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 And So it Begins, Part 1 (OPEN)

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PostSubject: And So it Begins, Part 1 (OPEN)   Wed Aug 20, 2008 4:27 am

The Water Nation was thriving withl ife, animals were moving around, swaying in the gentle motion of the water. Children were playing through the streets, using Water magic to enhance their games, and make them more fun. Gaurds were standing at the gates to the Waterfall Cavern, a wonderful city, with gleaming, pearly buildings, shining off of the light from the sun that loomed over the Magnificent city. All was peaceful, nothing was happening, the only sounds present, originating from the Animals and the Children playing, and bustle of people in the Market, buying and selling things. Then, unexpectadly (Yeah right, you all saw it coming...) The Peace was disturbed, the sky blackened, and red clouds rolled over, the Children all ran back into the many buildings, and the Animals fled. The Sky roared with thunder, as Lightning started to rain down, along with the rain, but it was not, normal rain, it was burning, the rain was red!

The Market only now started to pay notice to the sudden change in the weather, as the rain started to burn their skin, they all started to run around, like headless chickens, knocking over and stomping each other in the frenzy of people going for their houses. Those who were unlucky enough to get knocked down, and were exposed to the Rain longer then anybody else, were burnt horribly and brutally. As they lay there, there arms up in the air to try and shield their faces, as they all tried to get back up, but the rain was overpowering, and they were all scorched, lightning falling upon them to finish their pitiful lives. Then, as quickly as it had come, the storm resolved, and somebody stepped into the Waterfall Cavern City. He was wearing a jet black long coat, with a black shirt, along with the blood coloured Battle Harness, for defence. He was wearing brown trousers, with a darker shade of Brown for boots. On each boot, was a single, metal medalion, a Black Cross in the centre.
Up the man's legs were straps, dark grey straps, where the light touched, black where the shadows bounced off of them. A Metal medalion met the end of each strap, with a black cross in the centre of all of them. The Medallions were catching the light, shining with an unnatural gleam, that would make any ordanary peasant uneasy, but none werep resent, they all had fled for their houses.

The Boy who had just set foot in the city, had white hair, appearing a light tone of grey where the shadows danced on it. The Boy's eye's were the most frightening, and off part about him.
One eye, his left, had a pure black pupil, reflecting nothing about him. His Left eye, was a thick, bloody crimson colour, they said the eye's were the door to the Soul, if that was true, it would be apparent that this boy had a very corrupted soul, or none at all. The Boy stopped his walk, ayt the high pace he was moving, he had managed to get to the castle, the Water Nation Palace, where Queen Tirena Moonshadow would be located. The Boy smirked to himself, as he looked at the gaurds, and spoke, his voice beutiful and innocent,
"I have come to resquest an audience with the queen..." The Boy said, no weapon was visible or on his person, the Gaurds searched him thoroughly, and nodded, allowing him to pass, he walked into the large, beutiful palace, and he sighed. Pressing onwards, The boy looked at all the paintings admirably, they were truly wonderful pieces of art. The Boy smiled lightly, as he continued his striding. He reached two, large sapphire (How do i spell that?) doors. With Rubies for handles, the boy placed his handso n the handles, to find they burned him, he pulled his hands away with a tiny yelp, looking at his gloves, which were now scorched and damaged, he sighed angrily, as he turned around, and asked for assistance, he said his hands were damaged in an accident involving the fire nation. The Gaurds didn't question, and allowed him into the throne room.

He walked along the magnificant floor, he looked well out of place, everyone else was dressed in Blue and some in light shades of green. The Boy just smiled at them all, holding back how he really felt about all this. He stopped, and looked up, to see an empty throne, he turned to see one of the Queens advisors, and asked where she was, and he was told she would be there momentarily, but she had a meeting to attend to at the moment. The Boy nodded, and sat down on a chair, waiting.
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PostSubject: Re: And So it Begins, Part 1 (OPEN)   Wed Aug 20, 2008 8:34 am

*soon the left doors burst open and the queen came storming out arguing with a group of people behind her*

But your magesty you really must sign...

Im not signing anything you got my answer now good day.

But your highness...

I said good day. the door is just right there and Im sure my guards *motions to guards* will be more than happy to escort you there.

*The guards smirked and walked up to the men surrounding the queen and removed them and escorted them to the doors. Tirena sighed and walked over to her throne and sat down. She was wearing an elegant white dress that was see through only at the bottom. her angelic wings glistened with the small droplets of water that covered them. She placed her hands on her lapa and smiled*

ok whos next?

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PostSubject: Re: And So it Begins, Part 1 (OPEN)   Wed Aug 20, 2008 9:42 am

The Boy looked up, and a smile crossed his face. He stood up, his long coat ruffling in the light breeze created from the door being slammed shut. The Boy looked at the gaurds escorting the men out. Some of them struggled, the boy looked at the Queen, watching her smile, she still seemed annoyed, then she spoke,
"Okay, Who's next?" The Queen asked, The Boy turned his head, looking for any others who might be waiting, and he smirked, he was alone, apart from the many workers. The Boy looked at the Queen once more,
"That would be me, but if now's not a good time, i would gladly come back later" The Boy said, the words hissing from his throat, but with a sense of innocence and beuty. The Smirk still failed to leave his face. As the gaurds came back, and stood by the queen. The Room was huge, surely a burden.
"Who was that you were yelling at, Queen...because someone has ticked you off big time..." He said, the words resonating in the same way they had previously.
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PostSubject: Re: And So it Begins, Part 1 (OPEN)   

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And So it Begins, Part 1 (OPEN)
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