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 Skyler Misunderstood Demon

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PostSubject: Skyler Misunderstood Demon   Tue Aug 19, 2008 11:40 am

Basic Info

Name: Skyler
Age: 16
Race: Demon
Look's: Skyler has two different forms his normal form and then his demon form. In his normal form, Skyler has light brown hair that is somewhat spiked at front and short in back. His eyes are blue and his skin is pale. He has a black shirt and white pants with black shoes. The only difference from his normal form and his demon form is that his demon form has longer hair that changes from brown to black and his eyes turn red.


Personality: Skyler's personality is weird considering his a demon but hes kind, loving, and good natured to everyone. tries his best to do good even though he was created to do bad. He is one of lucky few kids born in the dark nation that was able to grow up.
Like's: walking in the forests of the earth nation, swimming in the oceans of the water nation, jumping from volcano to volcano in the fire nation.
Dislike's: being in the dark nation for fear of being killed, being the outcast in every nation

Element and Nation

Nation: Dark Nation
Town: Valley of Daikirai

Elemental Mastery
Primary Element: Dark
Secondary Element: Illusion

History & Biography

History: Skyler was one of three nymphs born to a small family in the dark nation. On the day of his 5th birthday soldiers came in and killed off his parents and took the three kids. Presenting them to the Queen she then took the three kids into her palace and had them take horrible tests. Skylers sister, the eldest, was pushed into a dark chamber. His twin brother was pushed into a cage made of solid stone and everywhere he turned red glaring eyes stared at him. Skyler was forced into a room full of unknown torture. The floor was spiked as well as the walls and ceiling. at random times of the day some of the spikes would shoot darkbeams and the spikes would change places every time. The room was also pitch black. After a couple of weeks the Queen walked into the rooms and inspected the kids. Skylers sister was as pale as the moon and her eyes had turned pitch black. The Queen went to smack his sister and his sister was hit. Angered the Queen put his sister to death. Walking into the room of his brothers the Queen saw that the boy had changed to match his surroundings. His skin was now the same color as the room and his body was as hard as the stone. She ran at him and shot a darkbeam at him. He was unable to dodge it fast enough and was hit. Angered the Queen also put him to death. She was ready to just put Skyler to death when she saw him. As she opened the door to inspect him the lasers went off and Skyler, having many cuts and wounds, dodged the beams completely and was able to step inbetween the spikes. The Queen was impressed and took Skyler and threw him into the pitch black room. She didnt heal his wounds feed him or anything. A few months passed and she went back to check on him. As she opened the door she saw his eyes had changed into that from blue to red. His hair was black and longer. She flew at him and threw a fist at him. Skyler jumped back and then forward sending one of his own. The queen vanished in thin air and reappeared back at the door. She smiled and took Skyler out and threw him into the stone room and locked him in there. By the time she came back to check on him Skyler had grown from 5 years to that of 15. During the ten year lapse the guards that favored him for lasting so long in torture fed him wihout the Queen knowing. The Queen looked at Skyler and saw that his eyes were back to blue and his hair was short and back to brown. She threw a darkbeam at him and he deflected it with his hand effortlessly. Smiling wickedly the Queen inally let Skyler go. During the whole year of his 15th year he destroyed and tortured the people of the dark nation. At the age 16 he finally had enough of being the destroyer and ran from the dark nation vowing to never return. Now he travels around the nations trying to do good to make up for the lives he took.

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PostSubject: Re: Skyler Misunderstood Demon   Tue Aug 19, 2008 4:40 pm

"Every Beginning has and End........ and every End has a Beginning" ~ Kaleb bestest friend that anyone could ever hope to ask for
My souls color is silver. With a gentle smile and a soft touch I'm very easy to approach. I'm helpful, kind, and understanding. I understand pain and wish no one has to suffer like I have or like I've seen.

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Skyler Misunderstood Demon
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