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 A Odd Meeting (open)

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PostSubject: A Odd Meeting (open)   A Odd Meeting (open) I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 19, 2008 7:51 am

A soft wind blew under the high pine branches. it danced around the mighty trunks and skipped across the blades of grass. The sun slowly rose behind the glistening castle shedding small streams of light down through the cities and towns of the earth nation. The animals were all coming to life. The birds began their songs for the day, the wild horses ran across the plains, and the people of the earth kingdom where waking up as well. They began to go about their lives shopping, talking and starting their jobs. Running from the forest area into the townsquare a small boy with deep cuts along his arms and chest and legs tears down his eyes yelled out to the people in the square.

Help! Someone Hurry! A Stranger Saved Me From The Two Dark nation Creatures! She Is Still In Ihe Forest And She Is Trying To Fighting Off The Two Demonic Creatures! She Is In Danger! Someone Please Help!

The women that were around ran to the castle to get the good king. Some of the other women went to the stranger the child had spoken of. As they got there they saw one demon had a girl; with silver hair, pale snow like skin, and beautifully elegant foriegn clothing on; pined to a tree while the other demon readied to attack her. The demons appeared to be wounded but the girl was in the worst shape. Her arms were worse than the boys her clothing on her arms were in shreds her face was clawed and she obviously had lost quite alot of blood in this battle. She hung over the paws of the demon holding her. The women gasped in shock and they quickly climbed up the trees and waited for a warrior from the village or the king to show up and help the girl. Once saved the women decided to use their healing ability to help the girl who selflessly saved the young lad. They all hoped help wouldnt come too late.

OOC: The two creatures:
A Odd Meeting (open) Creature_twins

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A Odd Meeting (open) Tirena10
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PostSubject: Re: A Odd Meeting (open)   A Odd Meeting (open) I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 19, 2008 8:17 am

"Phew, 'bout time that we lost them huh, Kin?" Osen Zen, the warrior queen of the Light Nation spoke to the winged-wolf who trode by her side, his large masculine and bronze body reaching almost to the girl's shoulders, though this wasn't much of a fete as Osen was short in stature. The two were walking through one of the peaceful and very beautiful forests that populated the Earth Nation.
Osen, bored out of her mind within the Light Nation, had snuck out of her kingdom with Kin and flown in search of excitement, arriving in the Earth Nation a few hours later.
Her boredom gone, Osen was quite content wandering through a country that she had never seen before with her precious winged-wolf, though she had a feeling that it wouldn't take long for her people to find her.

In response, the winged-wolf Kin raised his large furry face up at his mistress and gave a deep bark of agreement, his large furry tail swinging behind him and stirring up dry leaves.
"So where should be go next?" Osen mused out loud, tilting her head back to stare up at the forest canopy high above, her dark eyes content. "I suppose that we'll have to return eventually but for now let's just keep exploring this forest ... perhapes we'll come across some bandits to fight against. Not that they'll prove much of a challenge though -"

Osen was interrupted by Kin as his happy nature suddenly changed in that his pointed-ears fell back and he sniffed the air, releasing an instinctive howl.
Osen knew what that meant - Kin had smelt fresh blood.

Placing her hands upon Kin's shoulders, Osen lifted herself up onto Kin's back in a sudden motion and said, "let's go."
Without any further encouragement, the winged wolf took off through the forest at a swift speed, dodging past thick towering trees with little difficulty and charging through shallow bushes. Kin only came to a stop a few minutes later when he came to a clearing in the woods to find two large dark demons with one in the possession of a badly injuried.

Without hesitation, Osen took hold of her polearm, which had been secured behind her back with the loose belt worn around her waist, and directed its bladed end towards the demons, her arms firm and showing that the warrior queen held some skill in its use.
Osen's dark eyes shone with a mischevious light as her lust for combat began to stir.

Osen did not have to speak as Kin releasing a fearsome growl, his fangs snapping in warning.
Warning the demons to release the girl immediately or to suffer the concequences.
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A Odd Meeting (open)
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