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 Osen's Spells

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PostSubject: Osen's Spells   Tue Aug 19, 2008 3:51 am

Spell Format:

Name: Night Shade
Magic Cost: 5 MP
Requirements: The earth element must be a primary or secondary element.
Effects: By focussing her magical energy near the higher regions of her stomach, Osen is able to form a poisonous flower that immediately grows up her throat until its head has filled her mouth. The head is a large flower bud that is a poisonous purple in colour and when opened it exposes black and white speckled petals and a golden poisonous stinger in its center. Upon opening her mouth, the flower will bloom and shoot out its poisonous stinger straight at Osen’s enemy, causing great deal of pain whist inflicting poison. Once the stinger has been fired the flower will disappear and become Osen’s magical energy once more.
Disadvantages: It is possible to dodge this spell and Osen finds it difficult to fire the poisonous stinger with acute accuracy.
History:Osen developed this spell herself over a period of three years, starting when she was fourteen. The idea of such a spell occurred to her whilst reluctantly aiding her mother in attending the castle’s beautiful garden, which was Osen’s mother’s pride and joy and often tried to share her love for the garden’s beauty with her daughter without success. Within the palace garden grew a type of plant more common to the Dark Nation but which had somehow been successfully grown within the Light Nation. It was called “Night Shade” and was quite dangerous, it only bloomed late in the evening and its center held a poisonous dart that was extremely toxic, it’s only antidote being Moonflower honey or purified water. Osen found these rare flowers to be quite interesting and thought that they’d make a great weapon if harnessed correctly, thus she began to create the spell “Night Shade”.

Spell Format:

Name: Falling Cherry Blossoms
Magic Cost: 10 MP
Requirements: A form of bladed weapon (i.e. A sword, dagger, etc) and a source of light (i.e. candlelight, moonlight, etc)
Effects: By concentrating on the blade of a weapon, or any weapons, around her and focussing her magic around the blade/blades Osen can cause the blade/blades to shatter into thousands of tiny sharp shards, which when struck by a source of light cause these shards to resemble cherry blossoms. And it is this light that channels Osen’s magic and allows her to control the thousands of shards to surround her enemy/enemies and slice them mercilessly.
Disadvantages: This spell relies heavily upon light and bladed weaponry. Without either the spell is useless. Wooden weaponry is also useless for this spell.
History: This spell was first created by Osen’s father and the last king of the Light Nation who was a skilled warrior and saw similar skills in his spirited daughter. Taking Osen aside he taught her the “Falling Cherry Blossoms” spell, so that Osen could use it to defend herself and the Light Kingdom.
It took Osen many years to learn her to control the many shards just right and it is her most devastating spell.

Spell Format:

Name: Apollus
Magic Cost: 30 MP
Requirements: N/A
Effects: The spell “Apollus” releases a torrent of blazing golden flames that consist of the very heat of the sun, causing them to be one of the hottest sources in existence and which can burn for five days straight if left unchecked.
Disadvantages: Requires and uses up a large amount of magical power, leaving the caster quite exhausted, it can also damage ones eyesight if stared at directly to the point of blindness.
History: The spell “Apollus” is taught only to members of the Zen family who are thought to possess a great deal of physical strength as well as a good deal of talent in Light Magic. Osen was one such member.
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PostSubject: Re: Osen's Spells   Tue Aug 19, 2008 7:03 am

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PostSubject: Re: Osen's Spells   Tue Aug 19, 2008 7:34 am

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PostSubject: Re: Osen's Spells   

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Osen's Spells
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