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 Takai the spirit dragonness

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PostSubject: Takai the spirit dragonness   Takai the spirit dragonness I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 16, 2008 12:07 am

Name: Takai

Element: light

Description: Takai is different from most pets for she is a ghost and not a living being, so in short she has no physical body and she is transparent in both of her forms. She is also different since she can talk English and dragon also the fact that she has a human form is different.

Ghost Girl form: She is only a young girl around the age of fourteen and as such she is not very tall(only 4'5) she does have a weight for she my not be touched by the body the soul of someone can touch her if she wills it so. Her weight is around 95 lbs, she has very long silvery white hair that reaches down her back, she wears a nightgown at all time and her eyes are pale blue.

Dragonness form: She is also quite young for a dragonness so she is not that large only fifteen feet long, 1'5 feet wide, and 5 high, she weights around a quarter of a ton when she wants to allow souls to be able to touch her. She has the same pale blue eyes as her girl form but her hair takes on a more blueish tint as she has a white belly fur, teal colored fur, and has a dark blue mane . She is more of a serpent like dragonness as she isn't as stocky as other dragons, she has four feet with claws as her mouth is filled with very sharp teeth.

History: How Kane and Takai met was not a very kind or joyful moment for it had only been a week since Kane had lost his entire family to some unknown attacker so his heart was hurt and also a bit on the hard side, he had been running through the forest of the Lightning nation looking for anything that might tell him who had killed his family when out of nowhere a large blast of light/darkness smashed into the ground just a few inches from Kane's feet. He looked up to see a large dragon that seemed to be a mix of light colors and dark colors that twisted and swirled, Kane didn't know what he had done to make this dragon mad but he didn't care he wanted to release his anger on someone or something. So he readied his lightning claws as he looked up at the dragon as it dived at him in hopes of grabbing and dropping him from a high distance, but Kane just jumped out of the way and grabbed the dragon's tail before whipping the dragon around into a tree breaking its wings. The dragon got up and shot more darkness/light energy at him as he was forced to use his weapons as shields before he could get out of the way and then charge at the beast. He then used his lightning vortex attack and with one fell blow he drilled a hole through the dragon's soft chest before bursting out the other side as the creature roared out in pain before it died, after the creature took it's last breath Kane saw the darkness in it disappear as he could see it's true form and he lamented the fact that he had killed such a beautiful creature.

Kane was then going to walk away but then heard a soft voice say "Thank you" he quickly turned around to face the dragon's body and saw the spirit of a little girl and said "Who are you little one?" "I am the dragonness you had just slain." "Oh...I am sorry that I did that but it was out of protection." "Don't worry, I am glad you did that." "What? Why?" "As you saw before I was a ruthless monster bent on killing, but I was not always like that. For you see I am or was a light dragonness but an evil witch captured me and corrupted me into a mindless beast only to test it out to see if it worked. So thanks to you I am free but now my soul is trapped here until she has been killed." "I am sorry to hear that, I have suffered much too. My entire family is gone now thanks to some unknown attacker, but I swore I would get revenge on the one that had killed my family off." "Yes I can sense much anger and hate in you now, I am deeply sorry to hear that. Judging from you, your race was not an evil one." "Yes the werewolves of my clan are not evil.............but maybe we can help each other." "Oh?" "Yes, you need someone to kill this witch for you. And I need a bit of help finding out information, correct?" "Yes?" "So I vow to help you kill this evil witch if you will help me find out who killed my clan." "........It is a deal, but I am chained to my body the only way I could go with you is if you allow me to live in your body." "............................ok then. Guess I now have to be even more careful since I have two in me." said Kane as he stood still. The ghost girl flew into Kane's body and fused with his body so that Kane can be the thing that she is chained to and she can assist him but she cannot control him for she is not strong enough to do so or evil enough to try, but this also meant that she could fly Kane around since his soul and hers are connected. After that Kane spent a while digging a grave for the dragonness's body since the body deserved a proper burial. So from then on out Kane had become a brother of sorts for a dragonness that is a pet/sister of his, and with Takai's help Kane was able to become learn things he would not of learned on his own and that knowledge helped him gain the lightning nation throne

Pictures: Ghost dragonness form: Takai the spirit dragonness Oo8 Just she is more transparent*
Ghost girl form: Takai the spirit dragonness GhostAnime

Takai the spirit dragonness Waitin10
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PostSubject: Re: Takai the spirit dragonness   Takai the spirit dragonness I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 16, 2008 12:27 am

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Takai the spirit dragonness
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