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 Vhen's Spells

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PostSubject: Vhen's Spells   Vhen's Spells I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 15, 2008 5:55 pm

Spell Format:

Name: Offensive Feint
Magic Cost: 5
Requirements: A brief flurry of movement with his weapon prior to the attack.

Effects:The feint spell does not require incantations or preperation, it is channeled by the slight movements of his weapon which mold the magic which is then released during the attack. All the feint does is throw off the opponents perception by a five inches. When Thomas strikes the opponent thinks the blade is going either five inches higher, lower, to the left or right. Often times this is all that is need to land a fatal blow and end a fight. Depending on the movement of the blade the length of the blade can appear shorter then it is in actuality.

Disadvantages: There are relitvely few disadvantages to this spell other then the fact that person has to be focused on the fight at hand. If they are distracted the Illusion is not as strong.

History: Being a member of the Ancient Nation Thomas has had a long while to practice sword fighting and his illusion magic. So much so that he has begun combining the two into one lfuid fighting style. He originally simply used his illusion magic to distract opponents, but Illusion is often best used subtely so that an opponent doesn't even realize a spell is being cast. As such, his spells often require little effort or magic use, but still have a great influence on the conflict at hand.

Spell Format:

Name: Multiply
Magic Cost: 20
Requirements: Thomas must have a few seconds to prepare for the attack, and focus on what he wants to make copies of, often times saluting his foe moments before ten more of him appear.

Effects: Creates copies of whatever Thomas has in mind that are incapable of damaging his opponents. They look, act, smell and sound just like whatever Thomas has in mind (assuming he knows how they look, act, smell and sound) but are not capable of doing any damage or moving anything.

Disadvantages: It has a relatively high mp cost and requires him to break off from an attack in order to intiate it. People who are aware of his abilities can recognize that it is in fact just a spell and only one of him are real.

History: One of the more common Illusion spells you would think that it would be easier to perform. Well in truth it is a relatively easy spell to cast, the down side is while the spell is easy, the magic necesary is still relatively high. Thomas learned this while training with his original instructor who was decapitated not long afterwards. Thomas often times uses this spell to avoid fights. While he usually just makes copies of himself so he can escape easier he has been known to make copies of people, at one point in time he was known as a necromancer because he could conjure images of the dead, (granted he had to see a picture first and get a back story on them all first) at nominal fee of course.

Spell Format:

Name: Wind Current
Magic Cost: 10
Requirements: Thomas only has to cross his arms across his chest and close his eyes.

Effects: Allows him to control, create, and enhance wind currents within twelve yards of himself. The most common application is to summon several intense gusts of winds around himself in order to knock away projectiles. If he focus' on a single individual within those six yards he can knock them backwards three yards.

Disadvantages: He must cross his arms and close his eyes, making him succeptable to attacks and unable to move around.

History: While aboard the fishing vessel Thomas learned from a fellow sailor how to control wind currents. Usually this was just used to ensure that the ship had a steady supply of wind to keep moving, but as usual Thomas managed to find a more martial use for it. This spell has saved his life on several occasions and hopefully wont let him down anytime soon. He used to enjoy using the spell to lift up the dresses of nearby women, fortunately he has overcome that juvenile urge.
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PostSubject: Re: Vhen's Spells   Vhen's Spells I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 15, 2008 11:08 pm

Umm I don't know if we are allowing multiples of five on here but from what I see it looks ok. Vhen's Spells Werewolf-1

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Vhen's Spells
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