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 Vhen's Gear

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PostSubject: Vhen's Gear   Vhen's Gear I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 15, 2008 5:09 pm

Weapon Format:

Name: Sword of Damascus
Type of Weapon: Rapier
Class: Primary
Element: Water
Range: Medium
Abilities: Stretch- The blade is a total of It is 50-1/2" inches long from pommel to tip, its blade comprising 40 of those inches. The blade is 3/4 of inch, tapering to 3/8ths of an inch towards the tip. It has a guard of gilded metal in the pappenhiemer style, with a shark skin-wrapped handle. The blade is the most important part of the weapon as it is incredibly reflective and has a slight blue tint to it. The stretch ability allows the blade to extend anywhere from its full 40 inches to a simply on inch, the width of the blade is proportional to its length while it elongates. The weapon is most effective when the blade is only 36 inches long.

Sturdy- As the weapon is magical in nature it is incredibly difficult to break or dull. Of course, if it ever is dulled it will take a very skilled smith to fix it properly.

History: One of Thomas' first and arguably greatest finds while exploring one of the many ruins in the Ancient Nation. He found this in an ancient treasure vault in a sunken fort he had been exploring during his early days before the failed expedition to slay a red dragon. Since then it has become his trademark dueling weapon, whenever he draws it, bad things are bound to happen. Though Thomas is unaware of its true origins the Damascus blade once belonged to a famous swordsmen who had it specially crafted for him by a mage of the water nation. The swordsmen eventually gave it away when he used it to kill a relatively young man who had attempted make a name for himself by slaying the swordsman. Stricken with grief, the swordsman retired. It is said that only sadness will befall those who wield it.

Pictures: Vhen's Gear Big-Pap-Re

Weapon Format:

Name: Aegis Armor
Type of Weapon: Armor
Class: Secondary
Element: Earth
Range: None
Abilities: Elemental Barrier- While the shin guards are only basic armor, the gauntlet has the uncanny ability to deflect elemental attacks. In order to do this however the user must open his hand so that his palm is towards the incoming attack, and can only block one attack at a time. After that block is successful he has to wait one turn before he can block another attack.

History: The Aegis armor that Thomas has is actually an incomplete set. He only has the left side gauntet, chainmail tunic and what are essentially shin guards. All of this armor came from his fallen friend Godfrey, a great warrior who had been assembling the pieces of the Aegis armor for over a decade. It still isn't certain if the chainmail tunic is actually a part of the Aegis set, but Thomas has to make do with what he has.

Pictures: Vhen's Gear GAU-GN008

Weapon Format:

Name: Accessory Weapons
Type of Weapon: Falchion's and Stilletto Dagger
Class: Secondary
Element: None
Range: Close
Abilities: None
History: In Thomas' experience it is always best to be armed for an encounter, if possible, overly armed. When adventuring or preparing for a difficult battle Thomas will often be found sporting a number of extra weapons attached to him by leather straps. The first two are balanced Falchion that while being capable of being thrown at medium range, are truly used for hacking away at unarmored opponents. The stilleto is a long straight dagger with a four sided blade (think a phillips head screw driver). This unique design makes it ideal for piercing through armor, although it is difficult to do any true damage to a person by slahing with it. These weapons are constantly being lost, broken, and replaced as they can be bought at a number of weapon dealers and found on random bandits.

Pictures: Falchion: Vhen's Gear Ah4107

Stilleto: Vhen's Gear Gunners_stiletto_01
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PostSubject: Re: Vhen's Gear   Vhen's Gear I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 15, 2008 6:03 pm

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Vhen's Gear
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