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 Kin - Osen's Pet

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PostSubject: Kin - Osen's Pet   Fri Aug 15, 2008 9:48 am

Name: Kin

Element: Light

Description: Kin is a winged-wolf, native to the southern regions of the Light Nation, who is now no longer a puppy but in its species adulthood. Kin is quite large, roughly the size of a small Buggy (car) with long masculine legs and a slender body. His fur is long, thick and shaggy and very good at keeping himself and others warm, the lower half of Kinís body is pure white with flecks of bronze whilst the upper half of his body is eye-catching bronze.
Kin has powerful clawed paws, very effective at knocking opponents down and clawing them cruelly, his tail is on the fluffy side and a little over half his bodyís length in size. Positioned just behind Kinís shoulder-blades is a pair of magnificent wings, the type that most people would expect to find on an eagle or a griffin. Outstretched, Kinís wings are twice the length of his large body and three times in width, countless sparkling bronze feathers make up his wings are heavenly soft to touch. Kinís face is large and beautiful to look at, golden fur covers his face though his cheeks are pure white, and Kin also possesses mesmerising sky-blue eyes which show a fierce since of intelligence that would not normally be seen in a wolfís eyes.

History: Osen found Kin due to the deal that she had made with her father to convince him to allow her to rule the Light Nation after his death, the deal was that Osen had to travel to the southern region of the Light Nation where thick forests and unexplored mountains could be found, stay there for several days and eight nights before returning with an item that would express her new found strength. Only if Osen did that would her father be satisfied that Osen could rule his kingdom.
So thatís what Osen did. She travelled to the Southern regions of the Nation of Light and during her stay there she came across an abandoned winged-wolf pup, its right wing bent at a strange angle that prevented it from flying and caused it to be a burden. As such its pack had abandoned it to die from starvation or to serve as food to some other creature of the environment.
Taking pity upon the creature, Osen attempted to nurse Kin back to health but at first this proved to be highly difficult as Winged-wolves naturally distrusted everything that wasnít apart of its species, bitting or clawing at Osen at every attempt that she made to get close to the puppy. But after a few days of persistence Kin began to trust Osen, mainly due to her providing him with food, and soon perceived Osen as a companion. By the eighth night Kinís wing hadnít made a full recovery but he trusted Osen to the point where he didnít leave her side and followed her as she returned back home to her father, mainly because Kin only had Osen left due to his pack abandoning him.
The fact that Osen returned with Kin greatly surprised the citizens of the Light Nation as it was believed that winged-wolves could never be trained to exist with humans due to their savagery and instinctive distrust towards all other species but their own.

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PostSubject: Re: Kin - Osen's Pet   Fri Aug 15, 2008 4:22 pm

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Kin - Osen's Pet
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