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 Kane the Lightning King

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PostSubject: Kane the Lightning King   Thu Jul 31, 2008 12:48 am

Basic Info

Name: Kane
Age: 20, but really he is a little over a hundred years old.
Race: Werewolf
Look's: Kane has three different forms so he has three different looks I will list them.
Werewolf Form: He has a thick black fur coat, with golden eyes, and stands at 9 feet tall, his body is very well built as you can see his fur conforming to the shape of his muscles. He has long razor sharp claws on his hands and feet as well as having a wolf like face, ears, and tail. He weights half a ton thanks to his large size and muscle mass, also his mouth is filled with razor sharp teeth that could tear flesh apart in seconds.

Wolf Form: His wolf form is much like a normal wolf, it walks on four legs, has two ears, a tail, the normal wolf like face, but it does have two different colored eyes. One is blue as the other is golden, also he is a bit big for a wolf. He weights 189lb, his height is 48 inches at the shoulder, and his length is 7.5 feet from nose to the tip of the tail.

Human Like Form: His Human like form has long black hair, blue eyes, with a tan like skin tone, he has wolf ears on his head as well as a wolf tail. He stands at five and a half feet tall as he wears brown fur with some armor around his body for clothing. He is well toned so his physical strength can be seen with a glance.


Personality: Kane is a rather courageous fellow as he is known to fight until he has not choice but to retreat, but even so he hates retreating more than anything. He is a bit on the rash side thanks to his courage but he also has a kind heart since he is likes to make new friends of all kinds, and he is also a very loyal friend and protector.
Like's: Meat, girls, wolves, dogs, night, forest, full moons, lightning storms, and rain.
Dislike's: Cats, hot sunny days, places without forest, moonless skies, silence, and places with little rain.

Element and Nation

Nation: Lightning Nation
Town: King Kane's Castle

Elemental Mastery
Primary Element: Lightning
Secondary Element: Darkness

History & Biography

History:Kane was a young werewolf that was born to the Shadow Wolf clan which was the only clan of werewolves that existed in the Lightning nation, he was the son of the Clan leader Kuja and his mate the female werewolf called Etna. He was well trained in the ways of the tooth and claw thanks to his father as his mother had him well trained in the dark arts of shadows and lightning. He had a strong sense of justice like his father and mother had and so he was the type to stand up for those that could not and protect others from harm. He soon grew from a small werewolf pup to a full grown male werewolf with incredible strength, speed, endurance, and agility, he soon was being taught how to be a good leader of the clan by clan elders but if he was to become the leader he would have to fight other rival werewolves to get the position of leader. So after a few decades of training he was at his peak age of twenty years old but in truth he was in his early hundreds, for werewolves have very long lives thanks to their bodies being so different from normal people's bodies.One faithful night on a full moon Kane had left the village where the clan stayed at to do a bit of scouting to see these strange non-werewolf creatures he had heard about from some of the elders, they had told him that they were dangerous and that werewolves should stay far away from them but Kane was not scared. No he wanted to see and talk to one of those creatures and see if maybe he could best one in a fight or maybe even become friends with one, so after a few hours of running and dodging a lightning bolt or two he reached a road and looked around but for only a few minutes. For he caught the sent of smoke and fire coming from the direction of his village so he bolted back to his home only to see it was too late, he saw werewolf bodies laying everywhere with a few other kinds of bodies laying around that smelled of death and decay. He then let out a howl of pain and anger as he searched for any survivors but he found none so based on his knowledge he was the last of his clan and he was pissed. He vowed to kill the one that did this to his clan and home so after he had put all of his clan in the ground he left to seek out the one that caused him so much pain.

Pictures: Full Werewolf form
Wolf form
Human like form

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PostSubject: Re: Kane the Lightning King   Thu Jul 31, 2008 7:40 pm


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Kane the Lightning King
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