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 Black Pheonix

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PostSubject: Black Pheonix   Black Pheonix I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 13, 2008 2:07 pm

Name: Black Pheonix
Magic Cost: 120
Duration: 10 Posts
Element: Darkness
Requirements: Must be Adohikai
Class: Supplementary
Advantages: Adohikai becomes the legendary Black Pheonix, he is all powerful, being able to use many special powers (to be added).
Disadvantages: Adohikai falls unconscious after use.
Description: Adohikai's eyes become pupiles and white. He has a bulk of Black Feathers, with red feathers on the details. His Beak is red, he has a frill of red feathers behind his beak and he has a bush of yellow feathers on his head, which expand into smoke, His feet are a blood red, and his talons are extremely Sharp. His Wings are black, with the red feathers on the endings, making him appear as a Black and Red star in the sky. His Tail feathers are a nightmarish mix, ending in a trail of black, choking smoke.
History: Adohikai arrived on Wind Nation Soil, the light nation had long lost his trail, the darkness covered his tracks. Adohikai looked around, smelling the air, and smiling, the armour had dissapeared now, he had left it in the Light Nation, to further confuse them. He was now wearing a black top, with a battle harness, and black trousers, with brown boots. He smiled, as he walked down the street, the looked around, the air was clean and free of taint here. Adohikai walked into the palace, looking around, he walked down a hallway, examining a painting, he seemed to be doing no harm. He examinedt he painting closely, noticing something that terrifyed him, in the picture, was the women with the mask that had attacked him 4 years ago. Yes, he was 10 now, he had hid and ran in the Light Nation for two years. Adohikai closed his eyes, and started to breath heavily, the entry wound, where the Darkness filled him, was still there, and throbbing, at the sight of that women, the wound started to throb again, wracking Adohikai's body with pain. Adohikai tried to take his mind off of it, by carrying on, he found full scale models...of stone, statues of great heroes, he walked, down for a while, and saw the women again, he cringed in pain, the wound becoming restless, he read the plaque, Wind Nation Assassin...Traitor...Adohikai grinned, he had been attacked by a Traitor of the Wind Nation. He carried on reading, found dead in Fire Nation house, one surviving Child, parents dead. Adohikai grimaced, remembering the day, the night, when it all had happened. Lightening plagued the sky, and she burst in, covering him in glass, and then she had killed his father infront of him, threw him into a book case, and killed his mother. Then when she came for him, he had transformed, he had become possessed, and slaughtered her, spearing her with a Tendril. Adohikai started to run, skidding around a corner, avoiding gaurds and all people. He then came upon the Throne room, he walked inside, to see King Jason on the throne, he was young. Adohikai grinned, as he entered, the two had a talk, Adohikai revealing his dark past thus far, stating he was possessed by somne...dark and evil creature. Jason showed sympathy, and allowed him to pass safely back to the Dark Nation, the only nation that accepted him. Adohikai arrived, and stayed, in a building that had been run down, but he didn't need food or drink, just the constant supply of darkness resonating in the Dark Nation. He laughed, making his time.

Adohikai finally emerged, at the age of 14, he had undergo serioues training in that building, to master his dark powers. He left the building, to find he was in the middle of a war, a battle ground, Adohikai grinned, nothing could harm him here. He started to walk, and he noticed something, he was changed, he was different, he had never really seen himself since he locked himself away under the building, in the dark. He had one Red Eye, a crimson, blood coloured eye, and his other eye, was black, the pupil was a Jet Black. He grinned, walking on. He had a change of Attire after a day or two, he now wore a jet black longcoat, a black top with a Dark red battle harness, brown leggings, with brown boots. A metal medalion on each boot, with a Black Cross in the centre. Up his legs were straps, each one ending on a Metal Medallion, with a black cross in the centre. Adohikai grinned. He ran now, he had to go to more...more places. He stumbled upon a Pheonix on one of his journey's, the fire pheonix. The other pheonixes shunned him, but she saw a light in his soul. Adohikai fell under an unintentional curse. And to be free of it, he had to undergo some feral training, it took him to his limits...or so they thought. One Night, Adohikai fled, feeling some kind of Power inside him, he fled from the Fire Nation, making his way towards the Dark Nation, when he got there, he started to head towards the Palace, seekign refuge, he arrived upon the Sacred Grounds, and somethign changed in him. He had become...The Black Pheonix, his eyes started to glow, and he burst into the air, surrounded by Darkness, as he morphed into the magnificant bird. The Midnight black feathers, the huge wings expanded over the castle, casting the Nation into a powerful shadow. Adohikai was the legendary Black Pheonix, the creature of legend (Well, you don't say...). Adohikai roared, flying through the air. He landed, becoming human again, not liking the feel of everyone looking at him, and he fled into the castle, where he met Kannon...

Black Pheonix Lavacatsphoenix

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PostSubject: Re: Black Pheonix   Black Pheonix I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 13, 2008 5:38 pm

Been waiting for a chance to use this one:

Black Pheonix Rose-1-1

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Black Pheonix
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