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 Shadow Bolt

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PostSubject: Shadow Bolt   Shadow Bolt I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 13, 2008 11:55 am

Name: Shadow Bolt
Magic Cost: 10mp
Requirements: Must be Adohikai
Effects: Adohikai fires a bolt of Darkness ayt an enemy, causing Dark damage and places a temporary light curse on the target, causing small Darkness damage over time.
Disadvantages: None.
History: Adohikai was a young boy, he was formidable in the mastery of fire, but one day, an event occured that changed his life forever. The Lightning was prosperous in the sky, flashes of light falling upon the citizens, some didn't escape in time, and were horrifyingly electricuted until they exploded into a river of blood, guts and gore. Adohikai had seen this many times before, he had known by now not to make friends, as they were usually unlucky enough to be caught in the storm and be ruptured so brutally by the bombarding lightning that it grew tiring and he forgot it completely. Hating it when his friends died, so he kept himself to himself and no others. This night though, unlike the others, was different. At Midnight, Adohikai awoke, his parents were already up, someone was outside the window, looking at them. The figure was masked and has long, black hair, it was a female, she was wearing black leather, her boots were high heeled, the hell being a blade, she was wearing a hood, further concealing her face, and her eyes were a dark crimson, giving an eerie feeling. Adohikai watched in horror, this women, was also wearing a black cloak, hiding her clothes, she burst through the window, showering Adohikai and his family in glass, small, sharp shards of glass, cutting the three of them all over, Adohikai's blood dripped from the wounds, and hit the floor in tiny splashes. He watched in horror, as the blood started to clot, and he started to feel weary. He watched the women, raise a hand, and in an instant, a large sound filled his head, like that of a jet engine (not in this time XD) and to his surprise, the ceilign and roof of his house was ripped from the hinges of the house itself to reveal a clouded sky, they were in the centre of a Tornado, a very large one, The women aimed her right arm at Adohikai's dad, the lightning from the Tornado getting restless, flickering violently, as she muttered, a bolt came flying down and ruptured Adohikai's dad, it came down and struck his heart, shocking the very life out of him, and then he exploded in a black, bloody bomb. The Women then turned her attention to Adohikai's mother, Adohikai's eyes were wide and pupiless by now, he stepped infront of his mom, in an act of heroism, the lady smirked, and flicked her wrist, Adohikai was sent flying to the left, slamming into the wall hard, hitting a book case, the shelves toppled over, just missing him, but the books slammed down hard on him, crushing him under their weight, Adohikai could see what was happening through a small hole, the women raised her arm again, and a twisting column of flame dropped down from the heavens and incinerated his mom, it was like nothing he had ever seen, the flames engulfed his mother, she screamed, and in a second she was nothing but Ash, a tear dropped down Adohikai's eye, he was only 6, The women turned to the books, and walked over, she grabbed a book, and pulled it up with such force the rest of the books flew up with it. She glared at Adohikai, she looked truly evil, she picked him up by the neck, and smirked, he looked into her eyes, The eyes are the gateway to the soul, but her's was so empty, cruel and heartless, it almost brought more tears to his eyes, the women looked into his eye's for a few second, and forced a strong wave of Darkness into him, Adohikai screamed in pain, as the darkness flooded into his veins, and his magic reserves, takign away all his use of Fire, Adohikai glared at her, feeling a new found strength, he roared in rage, and his entire person turned black, the darkness erupting from his arms, torso, legs, everywhere, the darkness took the form of Tendrils, 4 of which gripped the women by the arms, and one more raised into the air, Adohikai roared again, his hands were now reptilian and clawed, he swung for her face, getting her in a bullseye, she screamed in agony, the claws ripping into the tissue of her very flesh, the blood dripped down her face, it was blacked by the taint in Adohikai's attacks, Adohikai swung again, cutting the other side, she screamed again, and Adohikai smirked in a frightening way, as another Tendril rose, it took a sharp cone shape, and speared teh women through the heart in one fell attack, she screamed again, as the life left her, and her eyes became blank, the tendrils pulled her spirit from her body in a jerking manner, and devoured it. Adohikai felt power surge through him, as he became normal again, and fell unconscious. He awoke the next morning in a hospital ward, he feigned fatigue, pretending to be asleep, he could feel the Darkness coursing through him, empowering him, and he felt great, he grinned, his teeth now pointed, he then stopped, asa he heard people coming.
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PostSubject: Re: Shadow Bolt   Shadow Bolt I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 13, 2008 5:16 pm

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Shadow Bolt
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