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 Laws of Sprikania

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Laws of Sprikania Empty
PostSubject: Laws of Sprikania   Laws of Sprikania I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 12, 2008 4:11 pm

One, no cursing, any cursing seen can result in punshiment by mods and or admins, this includes warnings, lock of topics and in some rare cases ban.

Two, no god-modding, now everyone likes to have a good fight but please try to keep things resonable. No one can take an opponent down in one move, no matter the power difference and after every attack, the rper must leave room for the other character to react and defend themselves. In short dont do to others what you dont want done to yourselves, be fair.

Three, The admins are the law, whatever they say goes no matter how much you dont want it to be. Any one dissobeying an admin can be punsihed unless the admin is clearly out of line, which in case a counsel of admins and mods will gather and talk over the case, which thereafter the admins will deliver the due punishment.

Four, ALL Chars, Spells/Summons, And Weapons must be approved before use, Please if you want to have any one of these things it must first be approved by a mod or admin, dont go around rping as a char who hasent even been verified by an autority. Be patient and we will approve as soon as we can, as long as the said char, weapon, spell and or summon is resonable.

Also going in here is the act of following templates for any approval. Anything not following the template provided will be asked to be redone until approval.

Fifth, ABSOLUTELY NO SPAMMING. If spamming starts to become a issue then the spammer will be banned for a few days or weeks depending on the situation.

Sixth and most important, if anyone has a problem please pm an admin or the one who you have problems with and avoid posting them on topics, unless they are of the site, in which they should be placed in the complaints section. But please refrain from posting every little problem member may have. If you have personal problems, you can pm me or any other mods or admins that are willing.

These are the rules, I hope I have been fair and any changes to these rules can be made only by an admin, any additions any one may want whould be consulted with admins before being put in.

Rules created by Heights Finest

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Laws of Sprikania Tirena10
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Laws of Sprikania
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