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 Jacob's spells

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PostSubject: Jacob's spells   Jacob's spells I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 09, 2008 3:33 pm

Металлический Дракон ["Metal Dragon"]
Magic Cost: 15
Requirements: Primary element is metal
Effects: The spell Металлический Дракон is a high level metal spell. It takes the minerals and metals out of the ground below or where ever there is metal. The user will use their magik to forum a weird oval shaped thing of metal. After that, it willl form of a dragon head. Now to form the dragon head is simple. all the user has to do is think of the dragon head and force it forward to shoot out at the enemy. It is very heavy And can crush most opponints if its on them. The fangs of the dragon head are sharp and able to pierce skin. After hitting somthing or someone, the minerals and metals disprse back to where they came from, except if they came from the body.
Disadvantages: The downside or disadvantage to this spell is a deadly one. It will/might/can take the minerals and metals out of the user's own body. The caster must be careful and focus on where he/she takes the minerals/metals from.
History: Jacob learned this from his father. It was the last spell he was taught, and hasnt really used. Jacob took a good, slow, long time to learn this one. It was complicated and hard to pull out the minerals from the ground. In total, while learning this spell and practicing his others, it took him a total of 8 years. During thows 8 years, he had spent at least 1 year working on this one. During that one year, he had a few mishaps. Jacob accidently took minerals and metals from his own body for the spell, he fell un concious for 1 week each time it happened.

Водный кнут ["Water Whip"]
Magic Cost: 5
Requirments: Water as a primary or Secondary element
Effects: Водный кнут is a very simple spell. The caster creates a water magik whip in his/her hand. The whips formation can only be drew from water in the air, from a lake, or uses the water from the users body. It doesnt need much water to be made, just an ounce would do. The whip can wrapp around someone, or something, sing and be entire an opponits body though the mouth.
Disadvantage: Must have some water around, even though only an ounce is needed
History: Jacob learned this from his mother. It was one of the first spells he learned from her. It didnt take long to learn after learning how to take the water from the air and other places water is found. Though the hardest place to take it from was from his own body. it took him 2 weeks to fully learn this spell.

Металлический Король
Magic = 30 MP
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PostSubject: Re: Jacob's spells   Jacob's spells I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 09, 2008 3:43 pm

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Jacob's spells
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