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 Treixa Trivorce

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PostSubject: Treixa Trivorce   Fri Aug 08, 2008 2:51 am

Name: Treixa Trivorce
Age: 17
Race: Nymph
Look's: Treixa haslong white hair which is often tied up in two or just let down. She has gloomy red eyes which are normally covered with a red blindfold. She has a quite well built body which was made especially for speed. She has an outfit that she normally wears made up of a blue short sleeved shirt with a black corset type singlet thing and a long black coat that has white trimmings and reaches her knees. For bottoms she sometimes wears a pair of black skinny jeans or a mini-skirt. For shoes she usually has a pair of flat leather boots or some sneakers.


Personality: Treixa has a very independent way of thinking. She isn't really one who works in groups, she's always on her own. She's quite the mean person and can be a bitinsane from time to time. She has a tendancy to just kill whatever annoys her. She usually acts quite cool and calm with what she does. Treixa is very careless of others around her and everything they do. Despite the fact she seems like a horrible person she can be good if it helps her out with something. She's someone who keeps her word and is trustworthy but she finds it hard trusting other people.
Like's: Treixa loves to be around peaceful and quiet places where she can just relax. As much as she likes the quit she likes to hear the sound of someone she hates in pain. For simple things she likes the cold, dark places, candy, music, violin and a worthy battle.
Dislike's: She absolutely hates things that are too loud. She hates people who believe that they are above everything and everyone. She dislikes people who think of good as the law.

Element and Nation

Nation: Wind
Town: -

Elemental Mastery
Primary Element: Wind
Secondary Element: Darkness

History & Biography

When Treixa was firstly born she was born into a bit of a tragic family. She had a mother, father and an older brother. The family was quite poor and the parents were always fighting. Treixa's older brother was always looking out for Treixa even hough he was only about five years older than her. He loved his little sister to bits. Treixa, still with the look out of her brother grew into a bit of a violent teenager. Though she still loved her brother and the few friends she had. Treixa lived in the Wind Nation meaning she grew up in the cold areas where it usually snowed, therefor she was quite pale. As her brother got older he found himself a partner in life, in which, it was a girl that he absolutely loved to bits. By now he was nineteen and Treixa was fourteen. Living through all the fights that her parents had untill the two had a baby. For a moment the parents were happy, untill they took their problems out on Treixa, she worded back everything that they said to her, being calm and cool as always. But then, as a result of having a big mouth her father beated her. All this happenin while Rou, her brother was out on a date with his girl. After a few days Treixa's bruises had shown up quite alot, her brother still not there. Finally, after a week of annoyance Rou had returned home to see his sister all bruised and such. After all that the two wen through he didn't care, he had the thought that Treixa had to get on through life on her own. Giving that thought he decided to move to his partners house, getting away from the tragic family he was in. Treixa broke up in tears, her brother wasn't caring for her anymore, his girl was more than his family. So, annoyed with this, Treixa wasn't going to help the new addition to the family at all.

She left.

At the age of fifteen the girl was quite a calm and relaxed nymph who always traveled across the nations. Her first encounter was in the Fire Nation, where she met Nokuti, the king of that nation. He had a cute fire thing at the volcano where the two met. The baby fire throught of Nokuti as it's father and Treixa as it's mother. In that, Nokuti developed a small crush on Treixa, but having trust issues Treixa pushed him away. Just before the fire prince known as Cinka, Treixa's good side showed a bit, she held the baby fire for awhile and smiled at it as she cared for it. Cinka made quite a cocky entrance to he scene, telling Nokuti that he was the actual king for that nation and Nokuti offered it back. Cinka refused the offer for some reason Treixa didn't know. After Cinka had left the baby fire seemed to have grown into the fire it was suppose to be and left Nokuti and Treixa. Resulting in Treixa leaving to find another place to go. Treixa was quite a shut out person.
The girl then had an encounter in her 'home' nation - The Dark Nation. She had an encounter with a spriken who was the prince of the water nation. With a few words he had found the goodness in Treixa that she had as a child but it was a different type of good, someone who broke the law to help someone really in need. Then, along came the great Tirena Moonshadow, she was absolutely beautiful as Treixa would have expected from the Water Nation queen. Treixa met Tirena Moonshadow and became aqquainted with her. After awhile the water prince gave Treixa a nickname - Onyx Girl, as in dark girl. Becoming friends with Treixa the water prince took Treixa to the water nation to see what it was like. Kids were looking for the two and the hid from then, moments later the presence of man known as Morpheus Zero was in the water nation. He searched for the water prince and Treixa, so the two ran from him. With every silent step Morpheus Zero still managed to find the two in the castle, thus putting the water prince through alot of pain just for a conversation of why he was in the Dark Nation. The Dark Nation king then left. Treixa helped the water prince find Tirena Moonshadow and he deltwith that issue with the help of Tirena.

It was for quite a long time that Treixa had disappeared fo some reason.

She reappeared in her real nation - the Wind Nation. There she found herself at some cliffs where beautiful Shaydes flew around, teasing Treixa with their beauty and the speed of their flight. The pegasus like wolves was something that she wanted. So, she tried to get one but failed. But not quite, she had found a smaller Shayde which was hiding in a cave while the older ones were trying to attack it. Treixa fought the older Shaydes of and helped the small Shayde grow into a beautiful Shayde, more beautiful than any other one and Treixa was absolutely proud of it. After another month Treixa had gone bad, she still had a bit of good in her, but she wanted to become a nation leader. Much like a dictator. Of the Wind Nation. She sought out to assasinate the Wind Nation king - Mohatu. She killed any guards that got in her way untill she met in the throne room where the white haired boy was. There were loads of guards, in which, they killed Treixa.

She had died, and went to hell for it.

It was there that Treixa really wanted to go back. The girl was the entertainment for devil, she killed any soul that dared to come near her, desperate to get back to Spirkania. So, wanting to get back Treixa spoke to the devil himself, asking for another chance, he wasn't one for chances but Treixa was a soul that could get more people down to hell for him. But, the devil was going to take two things from her; her sight and her memories. Treixa thought for years, she wanted to go back but if she saw the people she knew that would say hello or something and she wouldn't have any clue of who they were. After the years of thinking it came to a stop. The nymph wanted to go back, so she signed a contract the devil gave her and she was sent back to Spirkania, in the nation she was born in. Thinking... of what she could do now that she was back, she had no memoies nor sight, she couldn't see the beautiful night of snowfall but could hear it all. It really was a bi sacrafice to her to come back.


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PostSubject: Re: Treixa Trivorce   Fri Aug 08, 2008 2:57 pm

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Treixa Trivorce
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