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 Example: Tirena Moonshadow

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PostSubject: Example: Tirena Moonshadow   Tue Aug 05, 2008 2:29 am

Basic Info

Name: Tirena Moonshadow
Age: 18
Race: spriken
Look's: Tirena is a young woman who's height is 5'4, she is a petite and slender girl so she only weights 125 lbs. She is a water spriken so she has a light skin color like that of the most beautiful marble. She wears a white dress that has short sleeves and near the bottom most part it is so thin that you can look through it but only near the bottom. She has long silver hair that is extremely beautiful, with eyes a soft blue that can make anyone feel at peace. Also on her back are two large white feathered wings that seem to be like that of an angel but seem oh so fitting on Tirena's back as she uses them to fly.


Personality: passionate, nurturing, loving to even those that dont deserve it. She is always kind and is always brutally honest. When she is angry she uses her words which can stab like a million needles into the heart of the one shes angry at.
Like's: water, people, animals, peace, happiness, laughter, and love
Dislike's: evilness for no reason, evilness in general, Kannon for personal reasons

Element and Nation

Nation: Water Nation
Town: Water Nation Palace

Elemental Mastery
Primary Element: Water
Secondary Element: Light

History & Biography

History: The first born of the Moonshadow family Tirena was often the different child. She had two younger twin brothers. Tirena was very different from the rest of her family. For one the Moonshadow children and parents all had beautiful short ocean blue hair. Tirena has long elegant silver waterfall flowing hair. All the Moonshadows had birthmarks on their upper arms of a cascading moon, hers was that of a shiny light blue feather. The eyes of the family were a light green almost ivory while Tirenas are beautifully light blue.

One day Tirenna overheard her parents talking of how she was the family outcast. Tirena knew she was much different from her family but she didnt think her parents cared. Unlike her siblings who enjoyed being rude and talking behind others backs Tirena always said a kind word to all and often sat along outside singing to herself. Running away from her family that she knew (by how her parents talked about her behind her back) hated her she flew all the way to Deleterious Mountain.

There she looked into a mirror and found instead of her wonderful blue eyes which she loved she saw blue mystifying eyes looking back. She studied the mirror not noticing the queen of Deleterious Mountain standing right behind her. With one quick jolt the queen had her hand around Tirena's neck and forcably turned her so she could look into Tirena's eyes. Fear obviously shown Tirena was too stunned to move. The queen smirked at Tirena and took her to the dungeon. There Tirena witnessed something she wished she could forget and deny to be true.

Chained to the wall by her wrists, ankles, and her neck Tirena was treated as if she were a common slave. The queen beat her and made sure that each day Tirena was both emotionally and physically hurt. Soon on Tirena's 16th birthday it happened. The queen threw a old prisoner into the cage and when Tirena saw him beaten nearly to death her eyes turned the brightest shade of blue. She felt her body begin to change and grow. Soon she had long radiant wings and a long elegant neck. Hearing the queen above her laugh manically Tirena soon realized why she was so different from her family. She wasnt meant to be apart of the Moonshadow family at all. She was something much more valuable. Tirena was the Mystifying Phoenix of the Water Nation. Using her new found strength and love she picked up the prisoner with on of her gentle talons and flew up and away from the mountain as fast as she could. Landing in the Lightning Nation she gently placed the prisoner at the doors to the castle and knocked on the door hard before flying away unseen.

Landing gracefully at the temple behind the castle Tirena morphed back into herself and fell to the ground in joy and disbelief. Only then did Tirena understand why she was so different from her family. She was never meant to be like them at all but instead was to protect the nation. Her mother and father ran out to the temple a that housed the water phoenix statue in it and hugged there daughter tightly tears running down there faces. Tirena's mother explained to Tirena that they had both always loved her but had to act scornfully in order to awaken the phoenix inside her. Tirena's father added that in their hearts and minds they had always seen Tirena as an angel. Tirena rejoined the family and has become not only the new Queen there, but also the highly loved protector. No one except Tirena knows of her phoenix side. Her parents did know but sadly died from old age. Her brothers left to travel the world of Sprikania. Tirena is always on guard because she knows that the Queen of Deleterious Mountain is hunting for her, for what reason Tirena wish she knew.


"Every Beginning has and End........ and every End has a Beginning" ~ Kaleb bestest friend that anyone could ever hope to ask for
My souls color is silver. With a gentle smile and a soft touch I'm very easy to approach. I'm helpful, kind, and understanding. I understand pain and wish no one has to suffer like I have or like I've seen.

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Example: Tirena Moonshadow
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