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 Metal king Jacob

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PostSubject: Metal king Jacob   Sun Aug 03, 2008 7:26 pm

Basic Info
Name: Jacob
Age: 29
Race: Nymph
Look's: Starting with his hair, Jacob has blood red hair with black hight lights every so often. Most of it is short except he has 4 long Breads that go down to the bottom of his bottom. Each bread has a noiseless chime on it and a long golden cloth with tribal markings on them. now onto his face, he has red eye's, nearly blood red. Jacob is blind in his left eye. His top fang's are a little longer than the rest of his teeth. His skin is a pale, light peach color. On his stomach/ab' are tribal marking tattoo's. For a belt he wears a golden belt buckle thing with a red sash, Shinoto is wearing loose fitting green pants. Finally on his hands, are more tribal tattoo's.

Personality: Despite his appearance, Jacob is a pretty peaceful and nice guy. He is usually roaming around Magma village, admiring the citizens of the village. When around people, he is nice and courteous and welcoming. His hobbies include walking through the city, Reading books, visiting citizens. There aren't many things that tick him off, except for, the nation or village under siege, crime and disrespect.
Like's: Walking, reading
Dislike's: War, Crime, Disrespect

Element and Nation
Nation: Metal
Town: Aranyszin City

Elemental Mastery
Primary Element: Metal
Secondary Element: Water

History & Biography
History:Jacob was born into the Metal nation a half blind baby. It is his left eye he can see out of it. As a baby he was normal, nothing special. Jacob learned all the baby stuff like walking, talking and etc..... When Jacob became 6 his parents decided to teach him magic. They taught him Metal and Water. His father taught him Metal, and his mother Water. They would teach him every other week to make sure he got the same amount of teaching. Jacob and his family were neither wealthy nor poor. As he grew up, the more skills her learned and new technique's he learn. By age 20 he knew everything his parents did and set out on his own. He's travel far and wide, learned some new moves and met new friends. Its been 3 years since her set out. He eventually got back home and Learned that the metal nation King was available and there was no air. Not many people wanted that kind of responsibility, except Jacob. Jacob went up to the Metal nation council and the nation's military leader's and offered himself as the leader. They all laughed at him, he didn't look like leader material. Jacob got mad at them and left the room angerly. Few days later the council messaged him saying they would except him as leader. not knowing why, He accapted the postion and became the new ruler of the metl nation.

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PostSubject: Re: Metal king Jacob   Fri Aug 08, 2008 6:48 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Metal king Jacob   Fri Aug 08, 2008 9:19 pm

yay! you used the seal!

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PostSubject: Re: Metal king Jacob   

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Metal king Jacob
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