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 Kane's Spells

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PostSubject: Kane's Spells   Kane's Spells I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 03, 2008 7:19 pm

Name: Lightening Vortex
Magic Cost: 20
Requirements: Lightening Claws and a werewolf
Effects: Kane's body becomes covered with lightening as he lets out a howl, he then charges toward his target and then jumps into the air as he spins his body. Soon thanks to the magic his body becomes covered in a whirling vortex of lightening and as his claws also shred anything that it touches, he can hit two things while using this spell before he has to stop or risk having his body torn apart from the stress.
Disadvantages: Kane can only use this spell once every four post thanks to the fact that it puts a good amount of stress on his body.
History: The Lightening Vortex spell was taught to Kane by his mother when he was still young, this spell is a special attack that only his clan could use for it requires a strong body and a good understanding of lightening. Any other creature that tried to use this attack would be killed or badly weakened thanks to the stress it places on the body and on the magic they posses.

Name: Dark haze
Magic Cost: 10
Requirements: Darkness power and being a werewolf
Effects: Kane inhales a good amount of air before he taints it with darkness energy, he then breaths it out like a large dark cloud that will make it impossible for anyone but Kane to see as it will also harm those that do not posses the powers of darkness for the Haze is tainted with darkness and will harm the lungs of those that do not control darkness but the damage is small and only dangerous if one is near death or if someone stays in it for too long.
(last for 2 post)
Disadvantages: After using this Kane will be out of breath for a while so using it over and over again can be dangerous for he could run out of air and pass out.
History: The Dark haze spell was taught to Kane by his mother when he was young, the spell is something that his clan had come up with when they needed to escape from harm when they are outnumbered or if one of the females is pregnant and needs to get way without harming the puppies she is carrying in her. Kane has used this only a few times and mostly to help one of his friends or clan members escape instead of saving himself, he has found out that it is not a good idea to use it too many times in a row though so he uses it only when needed.

Name: Lightening slash
Magic Cost: 10
Requirements: Must be a werewolf and have the lightening claws
Effects: Kane charges up his body with lightening that doubles his speed for a limited amount of time, he then charges in a straight line anything in his way will get slashed with his claws as he reappears on the other side of the targets as lightening then outline where he had slashed before the damage takes effect. This attack though can be blocked if one is quick enough to put up a block or if they can put two large solid objects between them self and Kane when he uses this.
Disadvantages: Makes Kane easy to attack from behind.
History: The Lightening slash attack was taught to Kane by his father when Kane's body was strong enough to handle it, this attack is used to take out targets that are fast for it increases a werewolf's speed by charging their muscles with lightening. The attack is best used to attack many targets in a row so and to get behind the targets as they try to recover from the wounds but if he is blocked or if he misses he could easily get hit from behind as he turns around. This attack is not something that any other race can do and is not a good idea for other races to try to do.

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PostSubject: Re: Kane's Spells   Kane's Spells I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 04, 2008 4:14 am

Kane's Spells -anime-guy-1

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Kane's Spells
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