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 Adohikai Lupercal

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PostSubject: Adohikai Lupercal   Fri Aug 01, 2008 12:45 pm

Name: Adohikai Lupercal
Age: 16
Race: Spriken
Look's: Adohikai has white, flowing hair, and has one, blood red eye, and another, black pupiled eye. He wears a black, sleeveless top, with blood red straps over it, a battle harness, he also wears a jet black long coat, with fur on the torso and sleeves, he wears dark grey trousers, with two buckled belts on, the buckle having a flaming skull and crossbones on. He wears brown boots, that have metal amulets, with a black cross on, up his legs are straps, that have metal amulets, also with black crosses on.


Personality: Adohikai is constantly quoting things he has read and heard, he also tries to find hidden meaning in most messages. He takes training very seriously, and in training excercises he can get out of hand and get to a point where he could injure his partners. Adohikai helps no one, and accepts help from no one, preffering to cause injury rather then heal injury.
Like's: Kannon, Kidnappings, screwing over the armies, Assassination! Anything bad happening to the nation leaders.

Dislike's: Good Guys (bleh...), Being Defeated, The Light...

Element and Nation

Nation: Dark
Town: ????

Elemental Mastery
Primary Element: Darkness
Secondary Element: Dark Fire/lightning

History & Biography

History: Adohikai was a young boy, he was formidable in the mastery of fire, but one day, an event occured that changed his life forever. The Lightning was prosperous in the sky, flashes of light falling upon the citizens, some didn't escape in time, and were horrifyingly electricuted until they exploded into a river of blood, guts and gore. Adohikai had seen this many times before, he had known by now not to make friends, as they were usually unlucky enough to be caught in the storm and be ruptured so brutally by the bombarding lightning that it grew tiring and he forgot it completely. Hating it when his friends died, so he kept himself to himself and no others. This night though, unlike the others, was different. At Midnight, Adohikai awoke, his parents were already up, someone was outside the window, looking at them. The figure was masked and has long, black hair, it was a female, she was wearing black leather, her boots were high heeled, the hell being a blade, she was wearing a hood, further concealing her face, and her eyes were a dark crimson, giving an eerie feeling. Adohikai watched in horror, this women, was also wearing a black cloak, hiding her clothes, she burst through the window, showering Adohikai and his family in glass, small, sharp shards of glass, cutting the three of them all over, Adohikai's blood dripped from the wounds, and hit the floor in tiny splashes. He watched in horror, as the blood started to clot, and he started to feel weary. He watched the women, raise a hand, and in an instant, a large sound filled his head, like that of a jet engine (not in this time XD) and to his surprise, the ceilign and roof of his house was ripped from the hinges of the house itself to reveal a clouded sky, they were in the centre of a Tornado, a very large one, The women aimed her right arm at Adohikai's dad, the lightning from the Tornado getting restless, flickering violently, as she muttered, a bolt came flying down and ruptured Adohikai's dad, it came down and struck his heart, shocking the very life out of him, and then he exploded in a black, bloody bomb. The Women then turned her attention to Adohikai's mother, Adohikai's eyes were wide and pupiless by now, he stepped infront of his mom, in an act of heroism, the lady smirked, and flicked her wrist, Adohikai was sent flying to the left, slamming into the wall hard, hitting a book case, the shelves toppled over, just missing him, but the books slammed down hard on him, crushing him under their weight, Adohikai could see what was happening through a small hole, the women raised her arm again, and a twisting column of flame dropped down from the heavens and incinerated his mom, it was like nothing he had ever seen, the flames engulfed his mother, she screamed, and in a second she was nothing but Ash, a tear dropped down Adohikai's eye, he was only 6, The women turned to the books, and walked over, she grabbed a book, and pulled it up with such force the rest of the books flew up with it. She glared at Adohikai, she looked truly evil, she picked him up by the neck, and smirked, he looked into her eyes, The eyes are the gateway to the soul, but her's was so empty, cruel and heartless, it almost brought more tears to his eyes, the women looked into his eye's for a few second, and forced a strong wave of Darkness into him, Adohikai screamed in pain, as the darkness flooded into his veins, and his magic reserves, takign away all his use of Fire, Adohikai glared at her, feeling a new found strength, he roared in rage, and his entire person turned black, the darkness erupting from his arms, torso, legs, everywhere, the darkness took the form of Tendrils, 4 of which gripped the women by the arms, and one more raised into the air, Adohikai roared again, his hands were now reptilian and clawed, he swung for her face, getting her in a bullseye, she screamed in agony, the claws ripping into the tissue of her very flesh, the blood dripped down her face, it was blacked by the taint in Adohikai's attacks, Adohikai swung again, cutting the other side, she screamed again, and Adohikai smirked in a frightening way, as another Tendril rose, it took a sharp cone shape, and speared teh women through the heart in one fell attack, she screamed again, as the life left her, and her eyes became blank, the tendrils pulled her spirit from her body in a jerking manner, and devoured it. Adohikai felt power surge through him, as he became normal again, and fell unconscious. He awoke the next morning in a hospital ward, he feigned fatigue, pretending to be asleep, he could feel the Darkness coursing through him, empowering him, and he felt great, he grinned, his teeth now pointed, he then stopped, asa he heard people coming.

Adohikai remained as still as a crystal river, not a ripple in sight. He didn't move, he was scared if he moved. He could feel the darkness in him, coursing through his veins and arteries, corrupting him at an accelerated rate. And he was enjoying it! A women walked up to him, in white nurse robes, with the crimson sign of the Aquila (Or Fire nation <.<). She was carrying a needle, Adohikai didn't see it, his eye's were jammed shut, she raised his arm, his eye's shot open, as she injected pure light energy into his arm, he screamed in pain, jerking his arm back, and barring his sharpened teeth, his eye's had changed, they were feral. Adohikai burst out of the chair, jumping higher then he though possible. He was wearing nursing clothes, he looked at his atire, and shook his head, he then looked uo at the terryfied nurse, and grinned, he extended his arms to the sides, and laughed manically, as Darkness started to surround him. A pillar of Dark Energy shot down from the sky, summoning 5 Darklings. Mischevious imp monsters, dedicated to serving their master. The Darklings, being the bigger, more berserk form of Minion of the Dark. Adohikai smirked, each Darkling was carrying a piece of Armour, one jumped up, and geared up his Torso, in a nightmarish visage, Another, clipped on his boots, spiked at the toe, and having several dark spines running up. Another one, jumped up and clipped on a Gauntlet, on his right hand, the gauntlet had a glowing red spot in the centre, pulsing with Dark, tainted energy. Adohikai looked at it, and grinned satisfyingly. Another Darkling, clipped on a Shoulder Pad, the large, plated shoulder pad was pulsing with the darkness, so far that it was producing dark energy, The last Darkling clipped on the last Shoulder Pad, and then they each got a different piece of equipment. One tied on the small Cloak, more of a Scarf, and the other held the helmet, with he placed onto Adohikai's head. Adohikai grinned, his face now covered in a veil of darkness, making only his dark eye's visible. Adohikai put his arms onto his torso, and then extended out in all directions, darkness bursting from him, creating armour over the parts of him still unarmed. Leggings of pure darkness formed, and so did a cuirass, and dark armings. Adohikai smirked, extending his arm at the Nurse, as the darklings dissappeared, he grinned, a sword forming in his hand. He swung the blade in a mercy stroke, decapitatign the women, cutting her auxilery arterie, causing the blood to spurt up violently. In a minute, the blood had littered the entire room, and her body limped down. Adohikai left the room, walkign down teh corridor, the Fire Nation military had already arrived, the kicked down the doors and surrounded him. Adohikai looked to either side of him, and laughed. He crossed his arms over his torso, and in one movement, he extended them, sending a burst of dark energy in all directions, knocking the gaurds and teh army into the walls, crushign their bones and snapping their vertibrate under the force of the blast. Adohikai charged and jumped out of the window, sendign waves of Dark Energy to the ground, cushoning his fall. He then stood, and fled the area. Brutally battering anybody who got in his way.

Adohikai had dissapeared, he was no where, military searches went underway all over the world of Sprikania, for a child in a suit of Nightmarish, black, midnight armour, but they never found him. He was hiding. And finally, after two years, he re-appeared, most people had forgotten about him, but many still mourned the dead he had beat down. Adohikai was walking down a street in the Dark Nation, the dark moon and castle here, filling him with strength. He was grinning, His armour was cracking up the ground. Every step he took, the groudn cracked asunder at his feet. The air was restless, and flying around him frantically, violently throwing things aroung as he moved. He looked up to the sky, The grey mist that clouded the sun from entry, was filling him with hope. He was corrupted now, the Dark Taint had completely taken his body, although he appeared normal, the power that he held in a single finger, was enough to fell a man, the power in his arm, enough to topple a building. Adohikai looked around him, the grass was swaying gentley in the breeze. The Tree's rustling around him. Then, he heard movement, well, more of detected it, the Darkness he was producing created a barrirer, any movement in said barrier, sent a wave of electrical energy to him, telling exactly where. Adohikai smirked, and carryed on walked. He stepped on a twig, and two men jumped from the shadow, they were impaled on Dark Tendrils before they even got close. Adohikai looked into thier eyes, they were horrifyed, a mear child had felled them. Adohikai drew the blade, and swung it, decapitating one, the over started to plead with his last breath, Adohikai shook his head, and run the blade through the mans rib cage, then reared it left into the mans heart, and in one, accelerated movement, the blade moved up through the mans toros, up his neck, and sliced his head in half. The man screamed before the killing blow was struck, and then Adohikai just left him. Adohikai started to make his way for the border. Crossing over to the light nation, time to lead a speartip into the throat of those who so valiantly hunted him. He wouldn't stand for it. He walked, crossing the shadows, and the light beat down on him. But the aura of Darkness that surrounded him, blockedo ut the sun, and the light. Adohikai charged for the camp settlement of the Patroling warriors, they only just noticed him in time, and he felled one before they even saw him. He moved, dancing to the left to avoid a thrust, stabbing one shoulder through he gullet, ridding him of breath. Adohikai then jumped back and lurched forward, stabbing another man, a precise, clean cut down the throat. Adohikai then smiled, dancing to the right, and spinning, his blade cutting two men, one acros the torso, one vertically down the torso. Both men fell. Adohikai grinned, and created an orb of pure darkness, and threw it at them, the force was like that of a Nucleur bomb. The shockwave knocked down tree's for miles to come, but the blast never crossed the Dark Nation. The Shockwave got to the light capital, but it was so faint it was just a small earth quake. Adohikai grinned, knowing more would come to try and discover the source of the explosion, he moved, quickly, heading on a path for the Wind Nation.

Adohikai arrived on Wind Nation Soil, the light nation had long lost his trail, the darkness covered his tracks. Adohikai looked around, smelling the air, and smiling, the armour had dissapeared now, he had left it in the Light Nation, to further confuse them. He was now wearing a black top, with a battle harness, and black trousers, with brown boots. He smiled, as he walked down the street, the looked around, the air was clean and free of taint here. Adohikai walked into the palace, looking around, he walked down a hallway, examining a painting, he seemed to be doing no harm. He examinedt he painting closely, noticing something that terrifyed him, in the picture, was the women with the mask that had attacked him 4 years ago. Yes, he was 10 now, he had hid and ran in the Light Nation for two years. Adohikai closed his eyes, and started to breath heavily, the entry wound, where the Darkness filled him, was still there, and throbbing, at the sight of that women, the wound started to throb again, wracking Adohikai's body with pain. Adohikai tried to take his mind off of it, by carrying on, he found full scale models...of stone, statues of great heroes, he walked, down for a while, and saw the women again, he cringed in pain, the wound becoming restless, he read the plaque, Wind Nation Assassin...Traitor...Adohikai grinned, he had been attacked by a Traitor of the Wind Nation. He carried on reading, found dead in Fire Nation house, one surviving Child, parents dead. Adohikai grimaced, remembering the day, the night, when it all had happened. Lightening plagued the sky, and she burst in, covering him in glass, and then she had killed his father infront of him, threw him into a book case, and killed his mother. Then when she came for him, he had transformed, he had become possessed, and slaughtered her, spearing her with a Tendril. Adohikai started to run, skidding around a corner, avoiding gaurds and all people. He then came upon the Throne room, he walked inside, to see King Jason on the throne, he was young. Adohikai grinned, as he entered, the two had a talk, Adohikai revealing his dark past thus far, stating he was possessed by somne...dark and evil creature. Jason showed sympathy, and allowed him to pass safely back to the Dark Nation, the only nation that accepted him. Adohikai arrived, and stayed, in a building that had been run down, but he didn't need food or drink, just the constant supply of darkness resonating in the Dark Nation. He laughed, making his time.

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PostSubject: Re: Adohikai Lupercal   Wed Aug 13, 2008 4:45 am

Adohikai finally emerged, at the age of 14, he had undergo serioues training in that building, to master his dark powers. He left the building, to find he was in the middle of a war, a battle ground, Adohikai grinned, nothing could harm him here. He started to walk, and he noticed something, he was changed, he was different, he had never really seen himself since he locked himself away under the building, in the dark. He had one Red Eye, a crimson, blood coloured eye, and his other eye, was black, the pupil was a Jet Black. He grinned, walking on. He had a change of Attire after a day or two, he now wore a jet black longcoat, a black top with a Dark red battle harness, brown leggings, with brown boots. A metal medalion on each boot, with a Black Cross in the centre. Up his legs were straps, each one ending on a Metal Medallion, with a black cross in the centre. Adohikai grinned. He ran now, he had to go to more...more places. He stumbled upon a Pheonix on one of his journey's, the fire pheonix. The other pheonixes shunned him, but she saw a light in his soul. Adohikai fell under an unintentional curse. And to be free of it, he had to undergo some feral training, it took him to his limits...or so they thought. One Night, Adohikai fled, feeling some kind of Power inside him, he fled from the Fire Nation, making his way towards the Dark Nation, when he got there, he started to head towards the Palace, seekign refuge, he arrived upon the Sacred Grounds, and somethign changed in him. He had become...The Black Pheonix, his eyes started to glow, and he burst into the air, surrounded by Darkness, as he morphed into the magnificant bird. The Midnight black feathers, the huge wings expanded over the castle, casting the Nation into a powerful shadow. Adohikai was the legendary Black Pheonix, the creature of legend (Well, you don't say...). Adohikai roared, flying through the air. He landed, becoming human again, not liking the feel of everyone looking at him, and he fled into the castle, where he met Kannon...

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"Every Beginning has and End........ and every End has a Beginning" ~ Kaleb bestest friend that anyone could ever hope to ask for
My souls color is silver. With a gentle smile and a soft touch I'm very easy to approach. I'm helpful, kind, and understanding. I understand pain and wish no one has to suffer like I have or like I've seen.

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Adohikai Lupercal
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