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 Chrono Silvers

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PostSubject: Chrono Silvers   Thu Jul 31, 2008 10:05 am

Basic Info

Name: Chrono Silvers
Age: 21
Race: Spriken
Look's: Chrono has dark brown hair and dark blue eyes, which turn silver whenever he lets out his wings which are a sparkling silver, almost metallic looking. Chrono wears a brown shirt with gold timmings, a long brown scarf, a brown armless vest, with long brown gloves with gold trimmings that reach almost to his shoulders. He has dark brown pants with a belt, the pants also having a gold trimming he also wears short brown shoes.


Personality: Chrono doesent speak much, only speaking when the time calls for it, he prefers to do things on his own, and only works with others when it convenes him. He has a attitude with most people and hasent exactly know how to manage his emotions.
Like's: Riddles, Wind, and anything that can help him with his memory
Dislike's: Self proclaimed heroes/villans, poor judgement, Kannon

Element and Nation

Nation: Wind (last place he remembers)
Town: (unknown)

Elemental Mastery
Primary Element: Wind
Secondary Element: Dark

History & Biography

History: Chrono was born in a place where the night sky was white and the sun was cold, an area not found anywhere in sprikania but is still there. One day Chrono was abducted from his home and brought to the dark nation, when their the last he could recall was being hit in the arm and the formation of the scar on his arm, then being knocked out. When he awoke, he had no recollection of his identity or about what happened, all he remembered was being hit on his arm and the laugh of a women in black clothing. After working in a town for a while he came up with a new identity, calling himself Chrono Silvers he left on a journey to find out his true origin and discover the mysteries of the scar. Learning Wind magic and some dark after his travels to the dark nation, Chrono wanders on as he heads first to sprikanias oldest library in the water and light nations.

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PostSubject: Re: Chrono Silvers   Thu Aug 14, 2008 9:53 pm

Finally done, damn internet
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PostSubject: Re: Chrono Silvers   Fri Aug 15, 2008 12:14 am

"Every Beginning has and End........ and every End has a Beginning" ~ Kaleb bestest friend that anyone could ever hope to ask for
My souls color is silver. With a gentle smile and a soft touch I'm very easy to approach. I'm helpful, kind, and understanding. I understand pain and wish no one has to suffer like I have or like I've seen.

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PostSubject: Re: Chrono Silvers   

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Chrono Silvers
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