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 Oh NO! (OPEN)

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PostSubject: Oh NO! (OPEN)   Oh NO! (OPEN) I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 12, 2008 4:04 pm

The Fire nation, a marvel, a legend on its own. Hot cities, literally. This nation was on fire! publicity wise...and just generally on fire. Volcanic City, of all the cities, was especially full, people from all nations would visit it back in the day, it was an amazing place. Then something happened, and people stopped coming in the masses. But many people still came to the marvel of a city with its even more marvelous tower...castle thingy.
But today was different, mopre people came than normal. A new person had arrived, different to the others, he was a definately strange person. His hair was a pure white, rare in all the nations. He wore a black, streamline shirt, for even quicker movements, cutting through the air like a hot knife in butter. He had brown trousers on, with a darker shade of brown for the colour of his boots. He wore a jet black long coat with qhite fur on the sleeve ends and where the coat parted, making it appear even stranger. The Boy had a dark red battle harness on, covering his entire torso, making up for the quicker movements by adding weight. The Boy had a metal amulet on each boot, in the centre. And on the Centre of said amulets, were black crosses, symbolizing taint in its highest form, total corruption. Up the boys legs were straps, dark grey straps, and they all ended on another identical amulet, with a black cross in the middle. His face was the most....weird, his eyes were mismatched, impossibly unique. His right eye had a black pupil, not too strange for a dark nation citizen, but his left was what was...wrong. His left eye was a thick, bloody crimson colour. This made him stand out, and his body was simply pouring with dark magic energy, darkness was erupting from him, but it wasn't noticeable, only a magician of the best quality could possibly notice. He boy looked up to the sky, and large, black, draconic wings shot from his back, around the shoulder plates. The Boy launched into the air, the wings carryign him further through the wind, flapping in a unified rhythm, in order to fly most effectively.
He reached his destination, he landed, crouched on the window into the kings bedroom on the castle, he jumped in, his wings deterating as soon as he made contact with the wall. The Boy looked back and forth, before stepping through the door, he looked both directions, being sure gaurds were no where in sight, and he took the left, taking many turns, he would normally look at the art and architexture, but not this time, he got to the throne room, both gaurds at the door looked at him with distrust. The Boy looked at them both, they didn't have time to react, they blinked and before their eyes had opened, the boys hands were around their throats, one hand to a person, crushing the bones, wringing their spines, they both dropped their weapons and lurched for his hands, desperately trying to free their already heavily damaged necks, as to try and avoid the imminent death ahead. A sinister grin crossed the boys face as they were both hurled across the corridor, slamming into the wall with such force it shattered under the impact, cracking and leaving a huge dent. The Boy touched the door, and it slowly swayed open. He walked in, to see the king at the throne, all the gaurds ran at the boy, and they had been immobilised easily, the boy simply batted them away with his fists, and soon he stood in the middle of a circle of gaurds, still breathing and alive, he took a few steps forward, the grin still on his face,
"Pay time...Cinka Morisato, Of the fire nation." He said, the words escaping his throat with a horrible, rasping hiss.
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