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 Ghost; Apprentice to Malice; Shadow Swordsman

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Ghost Aprentice to Malice

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PostSubject: Ghost; Apprentice to Malice; Shadow Swordsman   Thu Sep 04, 2008 10:49 pm

Basic Info

Name: Ghost
Age: 25
Race: Wizard
Look's: Very dark red hair that contrasts to his pale skin with a patch to cover his scarred left eye. He wears a night black longcoat, with night black slacks and shoes to add to the image of his position. his shoulders are protected by two armor pieces designed for that area, but covered with spikes. When doing magical combat, he will remove these. He has a sword sheath strapped across his back.


Personality: Cold and distant; Murderous, and loyal only to Malys. he will feign loyalty at times when it is necessary, but Malys' missions always come first.
Like's: Killing, plain and simple; Necromancy, as he often practices it; Combat, as it gives him a chance to "show off" his superior skills to his opponent.
Dislike's: Anybody who thinks they can best him; Light magic in general, particularly Holy spells; anybody not in league with Malys' armies.

Element and Nation

Nation: Dark
Town: None

Elemental Mastery
Primary Element: Dark
Secondary Element: Ice

History & Biography

History: Ghost was once Kannon's "servant", doing her will whenever she felt like ordering him around. However, he soon realized that Kannon took orders from a higher authority. A much higher authority. And so, he went out to look for this higher authority, learning that the authority was a long-dormant red dragon named Malys. Malys was the higher authority Kannon reported to, and would soon be the authority that Ghost reported to. Having been born and bred to fight, he could very easily sway Malys' attentions to him. Sway Malys' attentions he did, but what he got was more than he'd expected. Malys was so impressed that he asked Ghost to be his apprentice. Ghost, surprised, accepted. Malys taught him much about the world he was in. Ghost learned that magic was everything. In addition to his own Shadow Bullet and Dark Field abilities, Malys taught Ghost about Necromancy, with which Ghost learned the Skeletal Strike. He also learned much more about the magic which he harnessed, and the blade he used. Ragnarok was supposedly the blade that would lead the armies that would destroy the world itself, but since Malys didn't want that yet, he asked Ghost for the blade in return for an equally powerful, but less prophetic blade. This sword, the Sword of Misery, was supposedly just a counterpart to another sword, but Ghost didn't care. He had a sword that would prove useful in his battles, and he would use it.

As for Ghost himself, ten years passed in his life in what was to others only a small amount of time. During those ten years, Ghost learned to harness the energy of others and use it to his own ends, although the name for this is not known. The name does not matter either. In the ten years that passed for Ghost, his body matured and advanced, becoming more muscular and more powerful, but his continued use of the dark magic paled his skin and reddened his hair, to the point where he almost lived up to his name of "Ghost". His ability to take energy from others also proved useful in extracting "information" from those Malys wanted interrogated. However, Malys never mentioned what he wanted done with the "informants" that Ghost encountered, so Ghost simply left them for dead after extracting most of their energy. Malys didn't care. All the energy Ghost collected went to him anyways, so why should he? Eventualyl Malys would have enough power to remove Kannon and have Ghost rule as the perfect pawn. Ghost didn't know this, however, and he didn't care. Once Kannon was gone, he expected to take her place anyways, so why should it matter? Their goals were the same, his and Malys'. To conquer Sprikania, leaving nothing behind of it's priotectors except burned out and frozen husks.

Pictures: None yet, but coming soon!

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PostSubject: Re: Ghost; Apprentice to Malice; Shadow Swordsman   Thu Sep 04, 2008 11:25 pm

everythings great except this.

You have to have a nation you dont have to have a town but a nation is needed also the main main bad guy above kannon is Malice not Malys but i am just assuming its the same guy.

other than that

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Ghost Aprentice to Malice

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Age : 26
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PostSubject: Re: Ghost; Apprentice to Malice; Shadow Swordsman   Thu Sep 04, 2008 11:26 pm

I did mean the same guy, I just figured Malys would be a better spelling. And I will also fix the nation thing.
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PostSubject: Re: Ghost; Apprentice to Malice; Shadow Swordsman   

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Ghost; Apprentice to Malice; Shadow Swordsman
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