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 Visiting a New Nation (one person, others pm)

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PostSubject: Visiting a New Nation (one person, others pm)   Sun Aug 24, 2008 6:07 pm

Jacob had come from his nation of Metal and came to the Nation of Water. He had never been here but heard stories from his mother about the beautiful nation. His first arrival into the water nation borders he was left in awe at the gorgeous scenery. First glimpse of it, he could tell he would love this country, it seemed so peaceful. King Jacob wondered threw this country, wearing nothing but some loose fitting pants that blew with in the wind and a bag that carried things like water, food and other things he would need to survive till her reached a town in the water nation. Soon he came across a town of sparkle and gleam, he looked even more in awe. Flowing river currents threw out the town, Roads and paths paved and felt like silk. Jacob looked around and took his slow steps towards a current that took him to just about any where in the town. He looked at it and stepped in and was taken by the current and was taken to a food shop. He stood there and thought AWESOME!

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Visiting a New Nation (one person, others pm)
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