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 Eclipse Arrows

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PostSubject: Eclipse Arrows   Thu Jul 31, 2008 9:09 am

Spell Format:

Name: Eclipse Arrows
Magic Cost: 10
Requirements: Must have good amount of space as to be used to its fullest potential
Effects: Cinka aims at a target or targets, using his signature fire arrow attack, forming a gigantic black arrow, then shooting it up or foward, splits into a multitude of small black arrows that after a few seconds gain their fire properties and turn into fire. This is done to look stylish and also for strategic reasons such as confusing the opponent as they will think that it is one massive arrow.
Disadvantages: Needs a good amount of space to let the arrows separate, not the best against water.
History: Cinka had been training with his fire arrows when his wrist began to glow again, suddenly a large black arrow formed from his hands, Cinka suprised by this accidentally shot it at a few targets, the arrows then blazing, pierced through the targets and dissapered after hitting a wall. Cinka concluded that he had somehow managed to use the curse mark's supressing properties and used it to make all the arrows form into a giant one, and vice versa. He had used the curse's..curse as a way to be used strategically.
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PostSubject: Re: Eclipse Arrows   Thu Jul 31, 2008 6:59 pm



50 MP
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Eclipse Arrows
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