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 Ashlyn's Spells

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PostSubject: Ashlyn's Spells   Ashlyn's Spells I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 21, 2008 2:05 am

Spell Format:

Name: Blindsighted
Magic Cost: 10
Requirements: Ashlyn must be able to hold eye contact for a solid five seconds for the spell to work. She must be able to see clearly.
Effects: Blindsighted does exactly what it's name states. Ashlyn's opponent is blinded and deafened by a thick black haze over their eyes and ears. It happens quickly, as if the target really has been blindsighted by a punch. The spell is mostly used for escaping, due to the fact that it only lasts a short period of time. Though recently, Ashlyn has used it more often to gain an advantage on attacking.
Disadvantages: If Ashlyn's opponent is wearing a helmet or such that completely covers their eyes, then the spell is useless upon them. Ashlyn must be able to clearly see the other persons eyes.
History: Since Ashlyn was only taught the simplest of spells by her late parents, the spell Blindsighted was taught to her by the Ancient Nation's emperor. He and the empress became not only her new guardians, but also her teacher figures. Never before had she been trained in the use of spells, so it took her awhile to gain a sense of how to perform Blindsighted. She started weak in her training, often failing to not only blind her target, but deafen them too. Due to Ashlyn's curious mind, it was very hard for her to concentrate on dulling both the opponents senses to her advantage. Though simple for normal illusion casters, it took Ashlyn nearly five years to perfect the spell.

Spell Format:

Name: Lightning Palm
Magic Cost: 5
Requirements: Her hands must be functional.
Effects: Small, orb-like balls of pale purple lightning form at the palm of Ashlyn's hands, harshly shocking anything she touches. This spell is mostly used when Ashlyn uses Cleria, her bow. She uses the power from her palms to conduct the pure silver arrows, causing them to be ligtning enhanced, giving the arrows speed and causing lightning damage. Ashlyn is also able to use the spell during hand to hand combat, shocking her opponent when she deals a blow.
Disadvantages: Lightning Palm is a fairly simple spell, so it has few disadvantages. The only ways Ashlyn could never use the spell are if her hands are unfunctional or she's too weak to focus on them creating lightning.
History: Lightning Palm was one of the few simple spells that Ashlyn learned from her mother and father. Before they died, they thought it would be a good idea to teach her how to defend herself. Ashlyn started out with martial arts and hand to hand training. The spell came pretty naturally to the young girl and practically accidentally. As she grew better, Ashlyn was able to hold her own against both her mother and father. During one spar, she'd pushed herself to her limits and was running on pure adrenaline that when she struck one hard blow at her father, a strong ball of lightning that errupted from her palm, shocked him backwards. From that point on, Ashlyn's parents helped her perfect the spell.

Spell Format:

Name: Displacement
Magic Cost: 10
Requirements: Concentration must be focused on only herself, if her mind wanders, then the spell is very weak or unable to be performed at all.
Effects: Temporarily conceals Ashlyn and makes it appear that she's in one spot while she's really in another. Used to fool her opponents and surprise attack them.
Disadvantages: Ashlyn can only go up to five feet away from her replica. The spell takes her full concentration, so depending on the situation, the spell can be entirely useless.
History: As with all of her illusion spells, Ashlyn learned displacement while living at the castle. One morning, a young Ashlyn and Jackson were spying on the Knights sparring and practicing in the grounds. They were the strongest of the Ancient Nation and the speed and sheer power of their attacks and defenses caught the pair in awe. Loosing track of time and forgetting their hiding spot, the duo were found by one of the resting Knights. Taking a quick interest in them, the Knight brought them aside and decided to teach them a 'trick' or two. As the kids liked to call it. At first, the spell was handled lightly, used mostly for pranks and surprising each other. Though as Ashlyn grew older, the spell became more serious and much more useful in her training with the emperor and empress.
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PostSubject: Re: Ashlyn's Spells   Ashlyn's Spells I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 21, 2008 6:54 am

Nice spells *memo's to self to get something to cover my eyes*
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Ashlyn's Spells
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