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 Cinka Morisato

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PostSubject: Cinka Morisato   Thu Jul 31, 2008 9:06 am

Basic Info

Name: Cinka Morisato
Age: 17
Race: Spriken (No Wings)
Look's: Cinka is average height, red-brown hair with light tan skin, he has brown eyes and a scar on his right wrist that was given to him following the events of his mother's death in which Kannon gave him that curse mark.


Personality: Cinka isint that social but has a tendency to help those that are in need. He has a strong sense in justice and fight for those who are in need of defense. He is cocky and has a temper which sometimes gets him into trouble.

Like's: Justice, Fighting and exploring, also his nation
Dislike's: injustice, Kannon, crime and rude people

Element and Nation

Nation:Fire Nation
Town: Fire Nation Castle

Elemental Mastery Fire
Primary Element: Fire
Secondary Element: Earth (may change as he evolves)

History & Biography

History: Cinka was born to the king and queen of the fire nation, born into a kind family until the dissapearance of his father. Years later at the age of five, Cinka learned to control fire and developed his very first technique, sparkball which was a more powerful version of the normal fireball, that of which he has fully mastered. Years later following the events of Kannon who came and killed the fire queen, Cinka escaped into the wilderness for a few years as he honed his skills and fought the curse from the scar that Kannon gave him. The scar allowed him to use his fire in a different manner but caused him a lot of pain for each spell he used. Cinka now desires to lead his nation as he also seeks out Kannon to exact his revenge against her and avenge his mother. Currently Cinka trains vigorously in the lake of lava and trains his ability to use the destructive dark fire with the help of the citizens of Magma village

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PostSubject: Re: Cinka Morisato   Thu Jul 31, 2008 7:20 pm



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Cinka Morisato
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